OneNote as a karaoke machine: no powertoy needed!

    I was playing around with Jeff's media tuner addin the other day and trying to align some notes I had taken a little better with the audio I had recorded. Then it hit me - OneNote is a "poor man's karaoke machine." You can take a song, drop it on a OneNote page and paste (or type) in the lyrics. Using Jeff's tool, you can perfectly align the little play indicator to sing along.

    Here's an example:

    (updated!) You can download the sample file with the link underneath my signature below. 

    It's David Lee Roth's isolated vocals for a Van Halen song. A few things became apparent when I was working with this song:

    1. He has a great voice for rock and roll.

    2. The lyrics are pretty bland.

    3. The ad hoc vocalizing is great.

    4. Testers do not make good music critics 🙂

    Here's what it looks like when I play it back:


    I only left in the first minute of the song, but you can look around the internet to get the full set of vocals if you want.  If you do, you can hear the pennywhistle, which, sadly, did not survive my editing...

    Originally, I typed in the lyrics based on what he actually sang rather than trying to use a database of lyrics since he extemporizes pretty frequently. I used Jeff's tool to move my start times to align with the lyrics. I used Audacity to cut the MP3 into just the first minute and then fine tuned the start times for each note from there.

    Have fun with your new karaoke machine!

    Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. A week or so ago in a previous entry I uploaded an image here . You can see where I used my pen to annotate

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