Grief with the Gateway

I got my Gateway to replace the Lenovo which had given me problems.  The Gateway had been working great until today - nothing exciting like the random failures the Lenovo exhibited.  It simply would not power on.

What can you do at that point?  No fan, no beep, just nothing.  I called tech support and they walked me through some simple tests.  The only thing I had not tried was disconnecting the battery and AC and holding the power button down for 30 seconds.  Nothing worked.

 So now I am sans tablet until it gets fixed. 

At least I will get a good test out of all this.  I have a working notebook I use to track much of my work around here.  Ideas for these blog posts, meeting notes with team members, etc... are all contained in that notebook.  The physical hard drive which stores that notebook is on the Gateway.  I share it out to myself and am connected to it from 2 other machines.  So until the machine is repaired, I'm "living in the cache".  When it gets back (and hopefully the hard drive will be intact), I will boot it up and log into Windows.  Then I will go to a machine that has been "living in the cache," enable logging (which greatly slows down the machine) and start OneNote.  My data should sync,but if there are any errors, I can trace them via the logs and file a bug.  I'm expecting the sync to succeed without errors.

Sigh.  0 for 2 with tablets. 

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,
John Guin

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  1. BobL says:

    Help with something….

    Why would you want to "live in the cache"?  Why don’t you keep your notebooks synced with a copy on a fileshare some where and then when your tablet comes back just let it sync with the share??

  2. JohnGuin says:

    Good question:  I was frustrated when I wrote this article and was not clear.

    I don’t want to live in the cache.  I’m glad I have it, and have already saved the notebook as a onepkg file to serve as a backup in case the hard drive on the gateway gets wiped while at the shop.  The shared location with the notebook WAS my tablet.  When its hardware died, the notebook went with it.  I did not have separate backups since I knew I had two more copies of the notebook in the cache of the dekstop I am now using and one other machine.

    Fortunately, OneNote provides a way of saving data from the cache (via the save as ONEPKG format).  I now have an extra copy of the notebook as it existed at 7AM today archived.  

    Still, I wish the machine would not have died after less than 7 months.  It had been SO reliable compared to the Lenovo until today…


  3. Last week when my tablet died I lost the hard drive which held the most important notebook I use in my

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