Using existing tools to make reading books with OneNote easier


I found a really great service which helps me catch up on my long overdue list of books I want to read.  The website is and they have a fairly large collection of public domain and new books which they "get" to you.  Their method of delivery is pretty neat.  You can set up a book to be sent to you in "daily doses" of 5-10 minutes of reading at a time via email or an RSS subscription.  I tried both (for Moby Dick and Man and Superman) and it works very well.


But then my Outlook store was starting to get full, and I wanted to move the books from Outlook to OneNote to free some server space.  I was all prepared to start with my Outlook sticky notes exporter and rewrite it when I noticed I could highlight all the items in the folder and select "Send to OneNote."  Since I had subscribed to Moby Dick via RSS, I managed to export them all in one pass.


Man and Superman was  a little different.  I wanted to try their email delivery system, and it works well.  I used my first powertoy to send mail with keywords in the title to OneNote and changed the keyword to "Superman."  Since the mail can be set to be delivered at any time, I set it for 3AM.  When the mail arrives, my addin notices it and creates a new page for me in Unfiled Notes.  This addin runs slowly since it has to start itself in Outlook first, then start up in OneNote.  I had forgotten to let Outlook "sit there" while this code runs, and having it run overnight is a well suited scenario for it.


While it seems every problem may need a powertoy, I was pretty happy with the functionality already out there.  And I really like the smaller, daily dose of books to read.  Thanks, DailyLit!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (2)

  1. Alceste says:

    No one seems to have problems with "send mail with keywords in the title". I must be dense, but never understood how you are supposed to use it. The intended function is clear and could be valuable, but where do you change the keyword, to "superman" or anything else?

  2. JohnGuin says:

    good questions – I should probably consolidate the article for this addin with a better description anyway.

    First, to change the keyword, alter the value in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddInsOutlookToOneNoteAddIn.Connect | Filter.  I changed "onon" to "superman", for instance.

    This tool was created to satisfy this scenario:  you are at an airport kiosk or otherwise away from your computer.  You want to make a note in OneNote.  Solution: send yourself an email with the keyowrd in the subject, and the Outlook addin will take the contents and send it to OneNote for you.  When you return to your desk, those notes are already in OneNote.


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