Resolving the bug testing found

I’m back from vacation and ready to resolve the bug in my little application with Outlook and OneNote.   To summarize, if a user sets the Outlook startup folder to be sticky notes, then OneNote will not start when Outlook is started. When the user navigates to a new sticky note folder, though, OneNote…


Fixing a problem with my addin

Back to the bug with the addin which opens OneNote whenever you open an Outlook sticky notes folder.   When I look at this bug, I’m going to look at what I know and what I suspect (or can guess at). Then I’ll get an estimate of the cost to fix the bug before…


Corrupt File Problems – What to Do?

Sorry for all the problems with the ZIP files. I mentioned it in a posting – there is a bug in Office Live that corrupts compressed folders created with Windows XP when they get uploaded. Since I use Windows XP on the machine I created these powertoys, the files got corrupted after uploading.   And…


Customer feedback results in another powertoy

I’m going to go off on a tangent here.     Another role OneNote testers have is that of customer advocate. We are tasked with monitoring the OneNote newsgroup, the Customer Connection site, responding to customer feedback and using all of this information to make changes to our test plans for new features.    …


Looking at one simple test

So now I have an application to test and I want to get moving. My next step is to take each item from my notes and begin to work on a complete test plan, create my test cases, create automation and get buyoff from the developer and the program manager that my plan is complete….


Finishing the review of the design

I think I beat step 2 of the design well enough that I can move on to the other elements. I’ll look at steps 1 and 3 this time.     I have to ask if these are the only ways in which the note module can be opened in Outlook. It’s not:…


Next up: testing the addin

Continuing with the “Replace Outlook Notes with OneNote” addin: The first task a tester has to face when testing a few feature is deciding if the specification makes sense, is complete, solves the problem faced by the end user and is testable.   Here’s the mini-spec I created for the Outlook addin to “replace” the Outlook…


Creating an addin to test OneNote

I hope to show what it’s like to be a tester on the OneNote team. I transferred from 10+ years in Outlook to OneNote last November. The transition was hectic and I had to ramp up on a new product (which I love) and a new team (which I love) very quickly. In the spirit…