Table Sum Powertoy for OneNote

    As promised, here is the first of  a week's worth of addins/powertoys for OneNote 2007.  This addin will sum the columns of a table for you and add the new row to the bottom.  It ignores non-numeric values in the column.  It's only requirement is that you need to click in a table to select it before hitting the Sum button (although it will prompt you for clicking the table if you need to).


    It does have some limitations. Inking (writing numbers in tables w/o converting them to text) is not supported, and tables within tables will cause problems.


      (Updated 3/11/09 to remove dead links and put images back).


      Here's the link for the setup file:


      Alternate location:


      And the source code:


      Alternate location:


      Standard setup directions apply:  ensure OneNote has exited, run setup.exe (as an admin on Vista) and install for all users. 


      Here it is in action.  Before adding the columns:




      And after:






      There is a lot to do with this from here.  Adding support to sum rows (relatively easy, but requires some new UI), performing other simple math routines, completely ignoring columns which have no numbers at all, perhaps applying boldface to the answers and similar tasks would all be appreciated.  Moving this code over to the Object Model at and extending it there is also a task on my radar.


      As always, let me know what you think. 


      Questions, comments, concerns and  criticisms always welcome,


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  1. JohnGuin says:

    hee hee – the image links are broken!  Let me try to fix that…

  2. John is posting some of the powertoys that have been in development, please see here: Table Sum Powertoy

  3. John is posting some of the powertoys that have been in development, please see here: Table Sum Powertoy

  4. Daniel Escapa is filling the pages of his blog with an amazing array of OneNote information , links to

  5. Kathy says:

    John you left me a note in the discussion group about my crash in ON after installing and attempting to use the table sum powertoy. Here is the error message I recieved. You’ll be glad to know that I used ON to capture the error. (LOVE IT)

    Error getting paxconç?

    ,Q,S ystem..untime.InteropServices.CtMException? (OaOO7O6BE): The

    – remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESuLT: OsOO7O6BE)



    ing bstrPageJD, String& pbstrPagexmlOut, Pagelnfo pagelnfoToExport)

    at TableSums.Maynard.OnClick(String strActivePagelD)

    I clicked on the link for the set up file and once it was downloaded I clicked on the link for the source code. (Didn’t know for sure if I was supposed to do that or not) Please give better downloading instructions for those of us who are semi computer illiterates.

    Once I downloaded both, I ran set up but nothing came up about allowing all users. I then opened onenotes to see if the icon was there and it was. I didn’t realize it would add up every column in the table so I thought I was clicking on the column I wanted it to add up. Within seconds it said onenotes was not responding. I closed the program and when I reopened it I had the blue screen that says the last time I viewed that screen onenotes crashed so I refreshed. This happened a couple of times then I saw the error message above.

    I then ran set up again only this time it ask me if I wanted to repair onenote table sum or remove onenote table sum. I selected repair.

    The problem continued after that So I left the message on the board.

    I went in later and tried again and then it worked. (Go Figure) Now it is working but when I click on the table sum icon it takes 30 + seconds for the action to take place. I have also noticed that some times during that 30 + seconds the top of the screen will show the (not responding message)

    I’m running recently purchased onenotes 2007 on a new computer running Vista.

    Not sure how to answer the question of the type of table I am using. Other than the information I put into it the tables all look the same. I am using text though.

    You are welcome to email me if you need me to do anything else. Thanks for the addins I really love what I’ve seen of Onenotes so far and can’t wait to see it grow.


  6. JohnGuin says:

    Just curious – how many columns are in your table, and how much data do they have?

    Also, the first time you use the addin, it takes a few seconds to load the .net framework and then initialize the addin.  Second and subsequent times you add columns it should be much faster.

    I’m glad it started working for you.  I’ll also give better setup directions in the future – I appreciate your honest feedback!


  7. One of the more easy to explain testing techniques we use at Microsoft to ensure our software meets the

  8. One of the more easy to explain testing techniques we use at Microsoft to ensure our software meets the

  9. Very cool powertoy, John.  I can’t wait for the final release.

    As to the "other" hidden powertoy that is to be released (I haven’t seen any other annoucements), but it is the other icon at the top right of the screenshots? It looks like a square with an arrow pointing from bottom left to top right.

  10. JohnGuin says:

    It was the Task Request addin (  You can see the hand with the task item in it.

    The icon you mention is the "full screen" mode.  It works the same as hitting F11 and is useful when you want to maximize the note taking area for your screen.  


  11. KevinAndrew says:

    Cool powertoy.  However, the holy grail here has got to be excel embedded into notebook pages like it can be into a word doc.  Even better would be some native editing capabilities without opening the full blown excel application in the background.  Is this on the team’s radar?

  12. JohnGuin says:

    The most frequent feedback we get is "keep OneNote simple and lightweight."  Adding OLE/embedded apps and features like that could easily spiral into something very complicated very quickly.  Simply getting Word integrated as Outlook’s default email editor in OL 2007 was extremely tough – how do we combine the Word ribbon with the Outlook email ribbon?  Just how much Word functionality can we integrate?  How much should we?  

    Thanks for the nice words about this toy.  I hope to expand it somewhat if I can get some free time.


  13. Brent says:

    Could you please provide a step-by-step usage of this addin? I am having problems getting it to do anything. The icon is always "greyed-out" in the toolbar. Maybe I missed something.

  14. JohnGuin says:

    Hello Brent,

    Can you try the steps at ?  The parts about running as administrator and ensuring the .NET support is installed are both important.

    Sorry for the problems,


  15. Brent says:


    Thank you! I guess I missed that .net "support" didnt get installed with onenote.

    everything is fine and dandy now!

    Thank you for your excellent work! I find onenote really exciting and have become very attached to it… always looking for new ways to use it. I hope some great new features get added in the next release, I look forward to it with great anticipation! I wish they gave the dev team more resources, because onenote is in a class all its own!

  16. Brent says:

    This powertoy is great!!! It fills a gap I was experiencing. But I too would like to see some lightweight spreadsheet style manipulation on tables in the next version of onenote. Nothing super fancy.. but something flexible enough to make (self-calculating) hour logs/time-cards and simple invoices.

  17. JohnGuin says:

    Hello Brent,

    Thanks for the kind words!  And for extra "excel like" functionality, I’m trying to find some college students (see for details) to help with the OneNote object model.  A better set of table functionality is one of the projects – we’ll see how this new program works out.


  18. Of the many different types of bugs testers find in products, "asserts" seem to be the most obvious.

  19. Kevin says:

    I’ve installed this, but I don’t see a "Sum" button. What toolbar is it in or where do I right-click for it?

    This is with XP-sp3. If it matters, I’ve found that for most of the PowerToys I’ve added, I’ve had to install, then install again (repair option) before the extra buttons will come up. That hasn’t helped this time.



  20. Kevin says:

    Never mind, I suppose. When I installed the SortPages PowerToy, the Sum button appeared. I don’t know what the install of the next toy did, but it "cleared" the problem.

    Anyway, cool toy. I’ve just recently upgraded from ON 2003, and the "new tables" alone make the upgrade worth it, and this summing toy just makes them that much better.



  21. John says:

    Glad it worked out.  I just rebuilt it and it looks like it should have worked.  I will be updating this page later today to put the images back.  


  22. ibam says:

    this tool is amazing… atleast i know how to use sum function in one note.

    But john, could you make further improvement by make this add-in as realtime function just like sum function in excel.

    because i really need one software that can handle anything in my head 😛

    i’ve tried onenote 2010 (technical preview) but still i can’t find this sum function

    thanks a lot


  23. JohnGuin says:

    I don’t think the auto update is something I could add.  Events (like typing) are not exposed in the API, so my addin would never know you modified the contents of the cells…  Maybe someone more creative than I could get something working?

  24. John Scott says:

    Hi John, I have OneNote 2010 beta and installed table sum powertoy. The "Sum" button appears in the Add Ons tab but doesnt appear to work. Can you help ?

  25. JohnGuin says:

    It will only work with 2007 format notebooks.  All the 2007 addins will need to be updated to use the new namespace once Office 2010 is released.

  26. Kit Menlove says:

    Is there any possibility you could update this for 64-bit OneNote 2010?

  27. JohnGuin says:

    I can try, but this will take some time.  My copy of the source files is messed up on my end…

  28. Jisha says:

    Hi John,

    i am very new to OneNote.

    Can we use the table data and create charts in oneNote? it would be great if we have such features.



  29. JohnGuin says:

    No, there is no way to do this within OneNote.  You could export the table to excel and create a chart there, then conceivably add that chart back to OneNote as an addin.  Feel free to take this code and modify it to do that!

  30. Dan says:

    Has the sum add in been updated for OneNote 2010?

  31. JohnGuin says:

    Not yet – let me know if you need it updated and I can try to do that for you.

  32. Arne says:

    I am looking for this functionality as well. Would be nice to have an updated version for OneNote 2010!

  33. Arne says:

    Thank you very much! Works perfectly for me 🙂

  34. NinjaCross says:

    Unfortunately doesn't work correctly on Italian version when float numbers are involved.

    The tool simply ignores any punctuation in any flavour.

    E.g.: 15.6 and 15,6 are both interpreted as 156

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