Sharepoint notebook problems and another hint


One bug report we've been trying to track down has to do with sections from Notebooks on Sharepoint servers getting marked read only.  One cause has been isolated, and David Rasmussen has the details here.  It involves how your computer is set up to use a proxy server to make an internet connection, and he has a good description of what is going on under the hood.


Astute readers will notice I missed my regular updates during the week of November 12.  I was on vacation and away from internet access.  The last time that happened was a trip I got to take earlier this year to Korea.  The airplane ride there was long and I needed to find a way to pass the time.  The method I used to while away the hours is obvious: create a OneNote powertoy!  I used the flight time to write the Project Gutenberg addin.  I did not get it finished on the flight, though.  There was a piece of documentation related to the XML DOM I needed which I could not get while over the Pacific.  Once we landed and I got internet access up and running, I was able to finish the powertoy and use it. 


I finished reading the book I started (Siddhartha) and polished the UI on the flight back.  While this addin (I use the terms "powertoy" and "addin" interchangeably) hasn't been downloaded all that often, when I got back I decided to go ahead and release it in an effort to show a new use for the API.


It paid off rather well, but in a way I did not expect.  A local school's IT director happened to stumble across it, contacted me, and we got some very good feedback about he uses OneNote at the school to make his job easier.  Seeing a bunch of students first hand in class using OneNote was an incredible learning opportunity.  They used shared sessions to "broadcast" assignments to the whole class, and each student was eager to be the "one" who was allowed to answer questions on the page being viewed.  Really slick, and we made some good friends there.  Teachers are a frequent responder to this blog and I make a new contact very often from those email and comments - keep it up!


And yes, this serves as another clue in conjunction with the hint I left last week.  In fact, if you look through my recent entries, you may be able to piece together an announce I have planned for Monday.  Stay tuned.


Questions, comments, criticisms and concerns always welcome,


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  1. One of the things we allow on the OneNote test team is working from home now and then. We have tried

  2. One of the things we allow on the OneNote test team is working from home now and then. We have tried

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