Two new items to track for OneNote enthusiasts


It's been very busy around here.  The upside to November and December at Microsoft is that plenty of people start taking vacation time, so there are fewer meetings and distractions at work.  That gives plenty of time to get caught up on all the low and medium priority tasks that have been piling up.


One of those tasks for me is simply keeping current on testing techniques, and keeping an eye on OneNote.  I read the discussion group several times per week and keep looking for people who write about using OneNote.  I also see what new powertoys are posted at .  I'm sure most of you do the same.


A new development I stumbled across is the Microsoft Test Center Website .  I've been focused on what life is like on the OneNote team and haven't gotten in depth with testing as a discipline.  This website covers that depth very well.   It's still a new site but already has some good content.  If you are interested in testing this is a great place to see what Microsoft expects of the its testers.


And over on OneNote Powertoys, I found a link to a great linking addin:  This addin makes it easy to create a new page and a link to the page as you create it.  In other words, if I am writing in a OneNote page and need to add a new page and link to it, I can do all of that from this one addin without going through the steps of creating the new page, navigating to it, naming it, copying the link and navigating back to the original page, etc…  Anirudh (the creator) did a good job with it - give the beta version a shot and let him know how you like it.


Questions, comments, criticisms and concerns always welcome,


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