Sharepoint notebook problems and another hint

  One bug report we’ve been trying to track down has to do with sections from Notebooks on Sharepoint servers getting marked read only.  One cause has been isolated, and David Rasmussen has the details here.  It involves how your computer is set up to use a proxy server to make an internet connection, and…


Two new items to track for OneNote enthusiasts

  It’s been very busy around here.  The upside to November and December at Microsoft is that plenty of people start taking vacation time, so there are fewer meetings and distractions at work.  That gives plenty of time to get caught up on all the low and medium priority tasks that have been piling up….


An easier way to troubleshoot addins for OneNote

  I got fed up with attaching a debugger to addins in OneNote.  The typical process (as suggested by Dan Escapa) is to have your addin open a dialog when it starts, then attach to the running process while the dialog is onscreen.  That got annoying rather quickly and I started to look for an…


Table trouble

  I had to relearn the lesson of paying attention to details recently.  I was writing some code to work with OneNote’s table XML via extensibility, and could not get my code to work correctly.  After a couple of days of working on this in my spare time, I was just about ready to give…


Brouhaha with verifying my math script during automation week

  I tried to get my automation script for payment verification as part of the napkin math area checked in.  One of the testers on my team rejected it.  Here’s why.   First, remember the equation I was using: pmt(0.05;36;30000)=1813.033713614259   Ultimately, this is a hard coded string that the script enters on a page (up…


It’s automation focus week in OneNote Test

  We started another automation push yesterday and are turning out new scripts, fixing old, clearing automation system bugs off our plate and generally trying to get some breadth of coverage in place using our new white box testing system.   The surprising thing some new testers don’t expect is that we file bugs against…