What is it with the Netherlands?


 First it was Theo Buis reporting a problem with merging pages and now Bart Wessels, a technology specialist in the Netherlands has some insight for us.  Bart contacted me a few weeks ago about some of the powertoys I had released on this blog and mentioned he was coming out to Redmond.  One thing led to another and he brought a video camera to record Mike Tholfsen (our test manager and creator of the  OneNote song)   and I in our offices talking about OneNote.


You can check out the vidoes here:

http://blogs.microsoft.nl/bartwe/archive/2007/08/27/12361.aspx  (John)

http://blogs.microsoft.nl/bartwe/archive/2007/08/27/12362.aspx (Mike)


Boy do I look like a typical Microsoft fanboy with my Red Zune sitting out!


 Behind it you can see a little box with one switch on it.  That box controls my analog phone line - it sets my computer to either use a modem or connect to the LAN.  Our IT department doesn't want both connections open simultaneously (security, you know) and in order to test with modems, we have to have these little switch boxes.  I used a modem every day for about 6 weeks with Outlook 2007 as we were developing it to help ensure the experience was reasonable.  It was.  Except for the occasional person mailing 7MB attachments, I could hardly tell I had a modem.  Cached mode with Outlook worked very well for me.  I don't have it set up for OneNote yet.  It's on my "to do" list and I should get to it in the next few weeks.


And the Lenovo you see in the video is gone now…


Comments, questions, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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