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Looking through the website http://www.onenotepowertoys.com (I have no idea who owns this site - update: looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile), I saw a request for something like IE favorites: 

Favorites Page with Hot-Key
- Sort of like IE favorites.
- Icon to add current page to a favorites page in the background
- Hot key to pull up that favorites page
- - See the Journal powertoy for this functionality.
- More info in newsgroup…



Gary Neitzke, another tester in OneNote,  has already written a similar addin to do this.  It doesn't keep track of the favorite at the page level, but does so at the notebook level.  I use this all the time to help handle the 15+ notebooks I use on an irregular basis.  Without further ado, here's the link to the install files (updated 3/19/2008) - the link is below my signature at the end of this article.



I'll try to get the source code as well if anyone is interested. 

Again, exit OneNote before running setup.  Remember to choose Install for Everyone as well.  I'm still trying to track down how to modify setup.exe to do all this for us, so bear with this workaround for now. 

Here is what Gary has to say about his addin:


Allow a simple way to keep a list of notebooks without having to memorize locations, allowing you to close and re-open notebooks without knowing the path.      


A powertoy that works like the “favorites” of IE.  You add a Notebook to the list then it allows you to close the notebook in OneNote. Then in a few minutes/hours/days/months/years etc... when you need to open it but can't remember the path, you just click on the favorites and the notebook is there ready to go, no more remember long paths and locations.

  How to use:

To launch you just click the Favorites from your standard toolbar. The first launch will take a second or two since it is busy creating a file to store your favorites. You can add the notebook you are viewing or all the notebooks that are open. When you want to open a notebook you can double click the notebook to open it, right click it or just use the open command. You can also open multiple notebooks from the list. If a notebook has been removed/moved it will prompt you it cannot find the notebook and lets you know to try again or remove it from the list. You can also copy the paths to the notebooks by right clicking on them and selecting copy.

 Give it a try and let me know your feedback!



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  1. David Topps says:

    Managed to get it downloaded. Thanks for fixing this.

    Now I can’t get the msi to run, either natively or by using setup.exe – I don’t think that there is anything unusual about my machine…Win XP Pro SP2, OneNote 2k7 etc.

    The msi goes through the initial steps, confirming where to install it etc – I leave all these as the default settings…but then I get a message about it having trouble reading the msi. The location given in error message is correct.

    I downloaded again and unzipped a second time etc. Same file size…same result…

    Any suggestions?

  2. JohnGuin says:

    Be sure to run the setup.exe, not the MSI.

  3. Jeremy Horn says:

    how about a favorites type of addon that will create favorite bookmarks to specific locations within different pages and/or sections?

    that would be most useful to me

    also, when adding a favorite, can an addon be created that displays the favorites within a toolbar?

    if you or someone does something like this please email me (jeremydhorn@gmail.com)

  4. Tim says:

    yep, third or fourth that doesn’t download

  5. JohnGuin says:

    Should be updated now.  Thanks for pointing this out and bearing with me.


  6. Betsy says:

    can’t see a the "favorites" on the standard tool bar!  Help! (thank you. 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    OK.  I’ve been using this and loving it for sometime now, but how does one delete a former favorite BUT not delete the page itself…?

    Say I ‘favorited’ a page I needed for a time, but now don’t need on the list.

    Must I delete or move the original…?



  8. Chris says:

    I don’t see where a "Favorites" was added.  Please tell me I’m not doing something right because I would love to have this functionality.



    I love Onenote!

    More powertoys please!

  9. Chris says:

    I found "Favorites".  For future searchers, it’s a little square icon on the right end of the Standard toolbar (the toolbar that has Tag and Zoom %).

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