Looking at one simple test

So now I have an application to test and I want to get moving. My next step is to take each item from my notes and begin to work on a complete test plan, create my test cases, create automation and get buyoff from the developer and the program manager that my plan is complete.

I'll start with 1b - Outlook can be set to start to any arbitrary folder. Here's what my test case will look like:

  1. Install the addin (I'll have another set of cases elsewhere to link which test addin installation and removal – I missed these cases in my first plan)

  2. Start Outlook

  3. Click Tools | Options | Other Tab | Advanced Button

  4. In the Startup in this folder section, select the Browse button and Browse to the Notes folder

  5. Click OK | OK | OK

  6. Exit Outlook

  7. Restart Outlook


  1. OneNote starts and takes focus

  2. Outlook navigates to the Notes folder


And to be completely thorough, I'll modify this case around step 4 and select one other folder which contains Outlook sticky notes and not limit myself to the default Notes folder. I'll get this case (and all others I create) approved my the development team and the program manager team.    

I think I'm now ready to run my test.    

And it fails on verification a). OneNote will not start. Outlook starts and the Notes folder shows, but OneNote will not appear. Next, I'll start to handle the bug and get it resolved.    


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