A few months ago I was interviewed by Craig Shoemaker of Pixel8 about my experiences with Expression and WPF.  The podcast is up now at:  http://pixel8.infragistics.com/shows/gossman

Comments (2)

  1. FKruesch says:

    Hi John,

    that was a great an very enlightening podcast.

    I’m trying to get my head around your explanation of the ViewModel… you mentioned data-transformation and selection synchronization as examples. But isn’t this already in WPF in the form of ValueConverters and CollectionViews? Would ValueConverter implementations count as ViewModel?

    I can see that CollectionViews might not be enough…

    I’m very much into the M-V-P school of thought… so I’m also wondering where you put the control/coordination logic? My guess is that this kind of stuff is implemented in command-bound methods?



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