The PresentationModel pattern

I got e-mail from an interested party pointing me to Martin Fowler's description of the PresentationModel pattern.  Written up just last year, I hadn't seen it in the literature before.  I've got to read it a couple of times and think about the subtleties, but it is very close to the basic Model/View/AbstractView version of Model/View/ViewModel I mentioned.  Fowler even speculates on whether .NET data binding could take advantage of the pattern...

As usual with Fowler's stuff, well worth the read, especially for his compare/contrast with MVC and other patterns.

Comments (2)

  1. Jag talar ofta med kunder och partners som vill använda vedertagna designmönster för att separera ansvaret

  2. WPF e il View model, qualche risorsa utile.

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