Now it can be told...I am a developer on Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer aka "Sparkle".  We finally announced the product at PDC last week and I gave a presentation on how we built the product.  I promised the attendees I would blog the content in a fuller way, as there was simply too much material to cram into a 45 minute lunch session...and I will, as soon as I get caught up from a week out of the offiice.

In the meantime, you can learn more about "Sparkle" from this video:

Also, I recommend my colleague Manuel Clement's blog:

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  1. dhchait says:

    Nice job on sparkle… now back to work alphabetizing those work orders!! 🙂

  2. dhchait says:


    Mano seems quite bullish on the notion of designers and developers seamlessly interoperating…

    People I’ve discussed it with are skeptical – we’ve been promised the same with visual interdev,, etc. but it has fallen down in real-world practice on big systems.

    What are your thoughts about making this work in the "real world" — i.e. without world-class designers like Mano who grok the technology AND have the design chops. Will I be able to allow your average graphic designer/artist type who’s never seen a line of C# check in to my source tree?

    Thanks for your great demo and for what looks to be a sweet product.

    Cheers – Daniel

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