Worst jobs?

I'm afraid this is going to turn into a Monty Python-esque spiral ending with "...and then boss murdered us in cold blood and danced around our graves until sunrise", but following on Rory and Chris, I gotta tell about my two worst jobs:

1)  Like Rory, I had a job alphabetizing, but nothing as exciting as videos.  I filed service orders in an auto dealership.  I would start with a 5 inch thick pile, alphabetize them by customer last name, then file them into one of two big file cabinets.  As a bonus the filing cabinets were in the garage, so I could choke on auto fumes from the nearby bays while I was doing it.  My reward for getting through to Z and filing that last repair order (Zylstra was the name), was a new 5 inch pile that had accumulated in the meantime.  I was about 15 at the time, so I didn't qualify for minimum wage.  I think I got $1.35 an hour. 

2)  But, thankfully the next summer I got a promotion:  the garage moved into a new building that had a bit of a drainage problem.  I spent June digging a 1/2 mile ditch in 90 degree weather, using a shovel and wheel barrow.   To get an idea of how much I was paid...the 160 hours I clocked was apparently cheaper than hiring a backhoe for 1 day to do the job.

So yes, I literally had a ditch-digging job.  Frankly, it was better than filing.  The mind-numbing boredom of filing lacked even the challenge of a good tough rock or root ball, and it wasn't nearly as good exercise (and to make another Python reference "At least you're out in the open air").

Unlike Chris and Rory, I didn't even have the option of quitting.  My mom worked at the dealership...as bad as the job was, dealing with her would have been far, far worse.

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  1. I’m throwing my story into the worst job meme. When I was 17-ish, my friend Andy started driving a maroon…

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