Blogs.Msdn.Com infrastructure?

For obvious PR-ish reasons, Microsoft encourages employees to have public blogs.  For obvious ego-ish reasons, a ton of Microsoft employees have taken the company up on the deal.

I had a personal blog 3 years ago before I left Visio, at a time when it wasn't that easy to set up.  I also have an internal blog (mostly unused now) and am one of the owners of the internal MS blogs server.  But when I signed up for this blog, I pretty much just signed up on a website and whammo...a few hours later I was blogging.

Anybody here care to fill us in on how this site is managed?  I haven't gotten any comment spam yet.  Is that just dumb luck or is some filtering going on?  Scott?

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  1. David Cumps says:

    Spam: the luck part, others hosted here suffer more from it :p

  2. Rob Howard says:

    We’ve been managing the site for quite some time. Spam is unfortunately something you will be getting at some point soon though. We’re about to release the next version of our blogging software and will be updating these servers within the coming months.

  3. Ron Buckton says:

    Where’d you sign up? 🙂

  4. Bearded Geek says:

    In particular, where do we direct feature requests?

    I would like to see:

    – nested comments

    – ability to preview posts

    – a basic subset of HTML (bold/italics/blockquote/ecode for a start)

    – basic automated spam filtering

    – less server downtime, I’ve been getting this more frequently recently.

    I would also like to see better ‘category’ based blogs instead of blogger based blogs. One excellent way would be to have certain predefined global keywords, and have RSS feeds for each of those keywords.

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