Talk on MVC

Daniel presented a talk about MVC to the NYC .NET Developer’s Group.  Find it here.


Whats a controller anyway?

A friend pointed me to this great article about MVC: The central claim is that MVC had a very clear definition in SmallTalk, which was changed by either NextSTEP or Ivar Jacobsen depending whom you talk to.  In trying to describe M/V/VM I’ve focused on the SmallTalk definition, which has confused some people using…


Visual3D versus Model3D

Daniel tells the tale:


Confusion over definition of Controller in MVC

I’ve got a frustrated anonymous poster who complains that my definition of ViewModel in Model/View/ViewModel is exactly that of Controller in MVC, and references Cocoa. It appears to me that Cocoa has changed the definition of Controller from the original 1979 Smalltalk term.  In that framework, the Controller was responsible for mapping Input to the…


I’ve had weeks like this…


Further reflection on PresentationModel

I’m a big Fowler fan, his “Refactoring” book is one of my all-time favorites, and I used to read his site religiously (somehow it fell off my feed list, you can bet it is going back on).  Anyway, I’m sorry I missed his post last year on PresentationModel.  Thanks to Dirk for pointing it out to…


The PresentationModel pattern

I got e-mail from an interested party pointing me to Martin Fowler’s description of the PresentationModel pattern.  Written up just last year, I hadn’t seen it in the literature before.  I’ve got to read it a couple of times and think about the subtleties, but it is very close to the basic Model/View/AbstractView version of…


But what about ValueConverters?

Chris mentions just using ValueConverters to adapt the Model to the View instead of this complex Model/View/ViewModel stuff.  I should have made it clear, the ViewModel contains ValueConverters.  If you can implement you UI using a set of ValueConverters alone, then that set of ValueConverters is your ViewModel.  But ValueConverters should not contain state, so…


100 Model/View/ViewModels of Mt. Fuji

Trapped deep within the pragmatic hacker that is the essential me, there still lurks a computer scientist.  The computer scientist isn’t even screaming to get out; he’s been so long buried in the deepest dungeons that he is grown to accept his fate, adopted a pet rat, learned to love gruel and made plans to…


Brain lock during PDC presentation

When I presented Model/View/ViewModel at the PDC I was a little worried that I would get tackled by some Patterns expert who would want to debate the relative merits of MVC, or my interpretation thereof.  To head off this encounter, I practiced saying something like “I would be happy to discuss the differences between these two…