Analysis Services Proactive Caching Operations and Errors

One of the more interesting aspects of being involved in supporting Business Intelligence applications is the opportunity to investigate behaviors that are either unexpected or perhaps not so intuitively understood. Proactive Caching is one aspect of Analysis Services that is not well understood by some and can present some interesting issues, especially when errors related to data quality occur….


Using the RS.EXE utility to deploy a Report Server Project and Shared Dataset.

Since broadening my area of concentration and branching out from Microsoft Analysis Services to the broader Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack, I’ve encountered quite a few new challenges and opportuities. One of the more recent challenges was how to deploy a Reporting Services project. When using BI Development Studio or, in the case of the SQL Server 2012…


WebPage Error when running a parameterized report with parameters.

I was recently onsite visiting one of my customers when a rather interesting issue was brought to my attention. The customer was running Reporting Services 2008 R2 in SharePoint Integrated Mode and was testing a very simple report that contained a single parameter with 485 possible values. If they selected 484 of the possible 485…


Filters aren’t applied to related tables in PowerPivot unless a measure is added to the PowerPivot Workbook

A colleague, with whom I work on a regular basis, recently pointed out a somewhat unexpected feature of PowerPivot PivotTables. What my colleague was seeing was that when creating a PowerPivot PivotTable, placing a column from one of the Dimension tables on rows then adding a column from a related (Parent) table in one of the slicers and selecting…


Using PowerPivot Workbooks from a Mid-Tier Server Configured for Kerberos Authentication

I’m not entirely certain how widely known, but it is quite possible to use a PowerPivot Workbook as a data source for other client applications. For example, both Excel and Reporting Services can use a PowerPivot workbook named AdventureWorks.xlsx that resides on a PowerPivot Mid-Tier server by specifying the data source as something like: http://my_server/powerpivot/AdventureWorks.xlsx….


Parameterized Reporting Services Reports with Analysis Services as a Data Source

Microsoft Analysis Services is a commonly used data source for Microsoft Reporting Services reports. The combination provides an environment for creating and rendering interactive reports that are highly performant, flexible and rich in functionality. One of the features of Reporting Services that provides end users with the ability to interact with the data is the…