Real-world application of MSMQ – Warthogs and laser tagging

Over at PDC09, one of my colleagues, Paul Foster, had a chance to talk to Tim Higgins about his WiFi Warthogs and how they are controlled by MSMQ. (Well, they talked about a lot of other stuff too but MSMQ is definitely in there after 5:18). Here’s the YouTube video explaining what the project is about: PDC09:…


How to be an Italian programmer. Lesson #1

Working in Europe, I see a lot of programming code from non-English speakers. One of my Italian colleagues let me in on one of their secrets: “Wherever you see a variable named “pippo”, there is an Italian developer.”   From Wikipedia:  Italian  In information technology, especially in textbooks, a placeholder name for variables is pippo…


Technical humour

This went round at work and I just had to share:   Q: How long is a piece of string? A: string.length


Today’s favourite command line (#1 in a series)

dcpromo /forceremoval   as featured in: Domain controllers do not demote gracefully when you use the Active Directory Installation Wizard to force demotion in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows 2000 Server Life must have been painful for real domain admins when Windows 2000 came out as it didn’t take long for this option to be added. Running…


Take care copying commands from emails

Windows isn’t always WYSIWYG and sometimes it will pretend. I’m talking here about how different characters are displayed on the screen to make the layout look nice. If you are typing away in Word then you can sometimes spot hyphens, for example, being changed in width on the fly. The text reads fine but you…

2 IT Blog Awards

Thanks for everyone that voted for me in the IT Blog Awards this year. Unfortunately I was in a tough category – the winner was not only the best in the Company category but chosen as best blog overall. So congratulations to Steve Clayton.  Check out Steve’s blog “Geek In Disguise” to see what…


Get ready for Tech Ed 2008 in Barcelona

The Super Early Bird offer ends July 31st so don’t leave it too late. Hopefully I’ll be able to help out in the Ask The Experts booth like I did last year. If so, please drop by and say hello – I’ll even try and answer your question too!


Some words don’t always mean what you think

Just noticed that “Queue” in French means a variety of things: A queue of people (as you’d guess) The tail of an animal (such as a dog) Slang for a man’s sexual organ which puts a number of support cases I have worked on with French customers in a new light  🙂 Anyone have similar insights…


RAID explained :-)

Saw this and thought it may come in handy for anyone trying to explain RAID and fault tolerance to their colleagues.