MSMQ on Windows Phone? Very unlikely.

The announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series is going to cause some interesting problems for existing Windows Mobile applications that make use of MSMQ. Windows Phone is a Silverlight/XNA platform, as discussed here: Silverlight for Windows Phone Silverlight is the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 Series. High performance gaming is also supported through…


Understanding how MSMQ security blocks RPC traffic

MSMQ makes use of several protocols to do its work, including: MSMQ – confusingly the protocol name is the same as the product name (although Microsoft Message Queuing is the preferred alternative. Not as snappy, mind). This protocol is for sending messages to remote destinations. RPC – used for pulling data from another queue manager. This…


Big change for MSMQ newsgroup posters

This announcement has been posted to all the Microsoft-hosted MSMQ newsgroups by my colleague Ed Hickey: Hello all,Today we are announcing that we have opened a new MSDN Forum for all topics of MSMQ.  The new Forum is located at  We have migrated the last 90 days worth of posts from all of the…


Support for MSMQ on Windows XP Embedded devices

A few times now I’ve encountered people complaining that MSMQ isn’t supported on Windows XPe. This isn’t true – MSMQ has been supported on devices since Windows CE 3.0. What is actually happening is that the vendor of the device is not supporting MSMQ. Why this is the case is probably down to cost -…


Highlights & Top Issues for MSMQ on the Microsoft Support site

You’d think that by now I’d know where all the web content for MSMQ was on but no. Here’s the page for Highlights & Top Issues. Hmmm…. “Last Review : 30 July 2009” but the KB articles referenced are all at least 3 years old. I’d best find out who owns the page and get…


Good MSMQ documentation

A common request I receive is for links to MSMQ documentation. What I find is that people haven’t looked at what’s already available to them “out of the box”, as the phrase goes. The Help that is shipped with Windows is comprehensive – even I don’t know all of it – so don’t worry about being able…


MSMQ in Server Manager – "Now you see me, now you don’t"

Here’s an oddity that one of my Japanese colleagues spotted. If you have installed MSMQ in Windows 2008 then you can open up Server Manager and see Message Queuing under Features: Next you add the Application Server role by installing something like the “Application Server Foundation” (which is selected by default). As it states, you will…


MSMQ complains it cannot serve any more Dependent Clients

If you are seeing this error (or something similar): “MQError.DependentClientLicenseOverflow – Message Queuing server has reached the maximum number of dependent clients it can serve.” then you will probably be confused as it is very unlikely that you are using dependent clients. You can determine if the client is dependent or independent using the Computer Management console….


Moving MSMQ applications from 32-bit to 64-bit archirtecture

Migrating MSMQ applications from 32-bit to 64-bit systems shouldn’t be a big deal. In theory you will probably be able to just recompile / redeploy as the public MSMQ APIs are not architecture-dependent. Other parts of your own code may be, though, so make sure you check the Getting Ready for 64-bit Windows MSDN article to…