MSMQ complains it cannot serve any more Dependent Clients

If you are seeing this error (or something similar): “MQError.DependentClientLicenseOverflow – Message Queuing server has reached the maximum number of dependent clients it can serve.” then you will probably be confused as it is very unlikely that you are using dependent clients. You can determine if the client is dependent or independent using the Computer Management console….

Licensing BizTalk by the CPU

[[Edited December 3rd, 2009 to correct core/processor misinformation]] A common subject that I see questions about regularly is how many licenses you need to buy for running BizTalk Server 2009. The Pricing and Licensing FAQ is your friend in these situations. The most important concept to understand is that licensing is per-CPU. It doesn’t matter…


Trying to make MSMQ licensing seem less complicated

Normally licensing questions are very few and far between which is why I don’t think I’ve posted about the subject before. On the MSMQ newsgroups, someone posted that they had: “observed that the number of users capable of connecting to such queue depends on the number of concurrent connections set in the Licensing mode Windows 2003 Server.”…