Highlights & Top Issues for MSMQ on the Microsoft Support site

You’d think that by now I’d know where all the web content for MSMQ was on Microsoft.com but no. Here’s the page for Highlights & Top Issues. Hmmm…. “Last Review : 30 July 2009” but the KB articles referenced are all at least 3 years old. I’d best find out who owns the page and get…


MSMQ branch missing in Computer Management

Rob Fox has blogged today about how he resolved a problem where the MSMQ snap-in missing in MMC console. He found that re-registering the MQSNAP.DLL file did the trick. I’ve had a look at the support case archive and you may need to re-register ATL.DLL too first. It all depends on what the root cause is…


MSDN Video covering the removal from MSMQ 5.0 of the Windows 2000 client support service

And 3rd in the trio created for Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2, we have: Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) – Removal of Windows 2000 Client Support Service where Nancy Strickland discusses the impact of installing Windows 2008 R2 domain controllers on Windows 2000 machines running MSMQ applications.


MSDN Video demonstrating MSMQ 5.0 and SHA-2 incompatibility

Just noticed that MSMQ is featured on Microsoft Showcase as part of the “Windows 7 – Known Incompatibilites” series. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) – SHA-2 is the default Hash Algorithm, and how to overcome it This 8 minute video, voiced by Nancy Strickland, covers the changes to the default hash algorithm used by MSMQ and…


"Where have my MSMQ messages gone?"

A reasonably common question, this. It is important to note that MSMQ doesn’t lose your data. There’s no hole at the bottom of a queue where small messages can accidentally fall out, never to be seen again. Instead MSMQ will discard messages in certain circumstances unless told otherwise. Here are a range of scenarios which explain why…


Deleting Stale MSMQ Active Directory Objects

[Sharing some information that comes in handy internally] If you have installed the MSMQ AD integration feature on a domain-joined machine but are unable to see public queues then you may have an orphaned MSMQ object in Active Directory. This is a common occurance in test labs where machines are reimaged and rejoined to the same…


If you’re interested in solving "Insufficient Resources" problems with MSMQ …

then you definitely want to read these blog posts by Mark Russinovich: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Physical Memory Pushing the Limits of Windows: Virtual Memory Pushing the Limits of Windows: Paged and Nonpaged Pool Pushing the Limits of Windows: Processes and Threads Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles I was fortunate enough to catch…


Message Queuing Downlevel Client Support won’t work with MSMQ error code 0xC00E1001

To test out a problem for a customer, I had to add a Windows 2000 server and MSMQ 2.0 to one of my domains. The installation of the Active Directory Integration portion failed as it could not contact the domain controller. The DC was definitely running but the “Message Queuing Downlevel Client Support” service, although set to…


Troubleshooting MSMQ over HTTP – nothing in the web server log files?

If you are scratching your head because the files in the %windir%\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1 directory have no entries for the incoming MSMQ messages then you need to tick two boxes: Open up Computer Management Navigate to: Services and Applications Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Web Sites Default Web Site Right-click the web site and choose Properties On the Web…


"Insufficient Resources" update for troubleshooting MSMQ on Windows 2000 machines

Back in September 2006, I posted some copious instructions for troubleshooting “Insufficient Resources” problems. One thing I discovered this week is that the steps for measuring kernel memory will not work on Windows 2000. If you try to use WinDbg for local kernel debugging, you’ll get an error saying: “The system does not support local kernel debugging….