Signing off

After nearly two decades providing customer support at Microsoft, I've decided to take a well-earned break.

One plan for the summer is to sit in the garden sipping cool beer whilst writing a book on MSMQ. We'll see how that pans out. If you have any suggestions for what to include then by all means drop me a line.

I won't be disappearing, though, and still plan to maintain a presence on the Internet somewhere.

If you found this blog useful then hopefully the new content at Blog.PlumbersMate.EU will be equally well received. (Thanks to the cybersquatters for taking up most of the available domain names...)

Don't forget the new MSMQ forum which recently replaced the various newsgroups.

And anything on Twitter with a #MSMQ tag is bound to attract my attention.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing me with this blogging platform and, of course, to you all out there for reading, commenting and emailing over the last 3-4 years.

John Breakwell

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  1. Dorian says:

    Be sorry to see you go, have learnt a lot about MSMQ from your blog entries.  Have a nice cold beer 🙂

  2. Hans says:

    Thanks, John, for all the valuable information over the years and being (partly) responsible for my MSMQ addiction. I’m glad to read you will not stop writing about MSMQ anyway and I’ll follow your new blog, no doubt about that – profound information on this topic is rare, so thank you for your continuing efforts!

    Writing a book on MSMQ? Great idea, I’d recommend a cookbook-like thing: recipes, how to achieve common tasks, recipes for less common tasks, best practices, tips for performance improvements, how to avoid common traps and errors etc., all with little C# code snippets. There are decent titles on the MSMQ concepts and basics available, but something with focus on the daily practice is missing.

    If you do so, you can reserve the first copy for me! 🙂

    See you on the other site,



  3. Jan Eliasen says:

    Hi John

    I have had the pleasure of getting your help twice when having technical support incidents opened up with Microsoft, and it has been a pleasure both times.

    Thanks, and good luck with the book! 🙂


  4. Yoel Arnon says:

    Hi John,

    It had been a great honor to work with you – inside and outside MSFT – in the last decade. I think you had done a great job with this blog and I am sure you will continue to do so in the new location.

    I wish you good luck in your future plans – I guess you would soon find out that there is life outside MSFT – and I will be very happy to assist you with the new book if you want.

    All the best,


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