MSMQ on Windows Phone? Very unlikely.

The announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series is going to cause some interesting problems for existing Windows Mobile applications that make use of MSMQ.

Windows Phone is a Silverlight/XNA platform, as discussed here:

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Silverlight is the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 Series.
High performance gaming is also supported through the XNA Framework.

This means that any existing Windows Mobile applications will need to be recoded (or re-written from scratch) to make use of Silverlight.

As discussed back in November, MSMQ isn't part of Silverlight for various reasons (such as cross-platform issues and client size). So if there is a requirement for messaging functionality then an alternative approach would be needed.

If this limitation affects you - either because you have a Windows Mobile application that uses messaging or you want MSMQ in Silverlight - could you please drop me an email or post a comment that describes the scenario you are developing for?

Additionally, if you have any suggestions on alternatives to providing messaging on the Windows Phone, please share.

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  1. Tim Kennedy says:

    We use MSMQ for our Field Service mobile application (MobileTEC).  Calls, call status changes, operational transactions (time entry, etc.) are sent between the host application and the mobile client utilizing MSMQ.  This allows us to keep the message size small and pushes the work out to the field technician.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks for the overiew. Tim.

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