Highlights & Top Issues for MSMQ on the Microsoft Support site

You’d think that by now I’d know where all the web content for MSMQ was on Microsoft.com but no. Here’s the page for Highlights & Top Issues. Hmmm…. “Last Review : 30 July 2009” but the KB articles referenced are all at least 3 years old. I’d best find out who owns the page and get…


Good MSMQ documentation

A common request I receive is for links to MSMQ documentation. What I find is that people haven’t looked at what’s already available to them “out of the box”, as the phrase goes. The Help that is shipped with Windows is comprehensive – even I don’t know all of it – so don’t worry about being able…


MSMQ in Server Manager – "Now you see me, now you don’t"

Here’s an oddity that one of my Japanese colleagues spotted. If you have installed MSMQ in Windows 2008 then you can open up Server Manager and see Message Queuing under Features: Next you add the Application Server role by installing something like the “Application Server Foundation” (which is selected by default). As it states, you will…


Resources for Performance Monitoring

In the past I would have been digging for hours through performance monitor logs looking for interesting spikes or patterns. Now there’s a scripted tool you can run on the logs files while you are off making a coffee: Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool I recommend downloading and watching the hour-long LiveMeeting training (Note:…


Windows Phone 7 Series Announced

Just watched some nice demos of Microsoft’s next generation of mobile phones – the Windows Phone 7 Series. You can have a look yourself at the fancy stuff on the new website, http://windowsphone7series.com. These devices should be out in time for Christmas. Anyone interesting in the development aspects will have to wait a month for…


MSMQ complains it cannot serve any more Dependent Clients

If you are seeing this error (or something similar): “MQError.DependentClientLicenseOverflow – Message Queuing server has reached the maximum number of dependent clients it can serve.” then you will probably be confused as it is very unlikely that you are using dependent clients. You can determine if the client is dependent or independent using the Computer Management console….


Moving MSMQ applications from 32-bit to 64-bit archirtecture

Migrating MSMQ applications from 32-bit to 64-bit systems shouldn’t be a big deal. In theory you will probably be able to just recompile / redeploy as the public MSMQ APIs are not architecture-dependent. Other parts of your own code may be, though, so make sure you check the Getting Ready for 64-bit Windows MSDN article to…


You can’t move a delivered MSMQ message

Quite often I see people discussing moving messages between queues and this mildly grates on my nerves. Delivered messages can’t be moved out of the queue they end up in – the only thing you can do is delete the message, either through receving it, purging the queue it is in, or waiting for any…


Future of the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge

With the announcement of Host Integration Server 2009 R2, there has been an update to the list of Deprecated Features: COM+ AS/400 Data Queues ActiveX Control COM+ Host File Transfer ActiveX Control COM+ support throughout TI and BAHA DLC.SYS MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge ODBC Driver for DB2 TI Rapid Deployment As a Bridge replacement, the HIS team…


Host Integration Server 2006 Service Pack 1 released

This service pack is now available for download from the Microsoft download centre. OverviewHost Integration Server 2006 Service Pack 1 delivers customer requested hotfixes that improve the quality, reliability and supportability of Host Integration Server 2006 and BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems. A complete list of the customer hotfixes included in Service Pack 1 will be available…