Real-world application of MSMQ – Warthogs and laser tagging

Over at PDC09, one of my colleagues, Paul Foster, had a chance to talk to Tim Higgins about his WiFi Warthogs and how they are controlled by MSMQ.

(Well, they talked about a lot of other stuff too but MSMQ is definitely in there after 5:18).

Here's the YouTube video explaining what the project is about:

PDC09: Project Warthog

"Played Halo? Will how about taking your coding and Xbox gaming skills to the real world with Project Warthog. With customised child ride-ons equipped with laser shooters under computer control via Xbox 360 controls, you and your mates can enjoy that Warthog experience in the real world. Personally, I want to see the 50 cal humvee version of the game. Maker Faire anyone? "


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