"Insufficient Resources" update for troubleshooting MSMQ on Windows 2000 machines

Back in September 2006, I posted some copious instructions for troubleshooting "Insufficient Resources" problems. One thing I discovered this week is that the steps for measuring kernel memory will not work on Windows 2000.

If you try to use WinDbg for local kernel debugging, you'll get an error saying:

"The system does not support local kernel debugging. Local kernel debugging requires Windows XP, Administrative privileges, and is not supported by WOW64"

The solution is to launch WinDbg using LiveKD, the creation of SysInternal's Mark Russinovich.

When you run LiveKD, it will prompt to set up a Symbol Server for you if the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment path is not already in place. If the machine to be debugged doesn't have access to the Internet, then you will need to manually download the Windows 2000 symbols (and install them in order):

·         Windows 2000 Symbols. Click here to download (Download size: 98 MB)

·         Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Click here to download (Download size: 72 MB)

·         Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4. Click here to download (Download size: 22 MB)

The command line for LiveKD is simply:

LiveKD.exe  -w

Once WinDbg has loaded, go to the kd> command box and type in !vm.

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