10 connection limit for MSMQ clients

Now I have a new super PC to play with, I can try out testing that wasn’t practical on my old test machine. For example, seeing what really happens when you have more than ten client machines trying to access a queue on a remote workstation machine. This limitation (10 connections) is discussed in this…


What aspects of MSMQ performance would you like to know more about?

One thing that customers are short of is up-to-date information on MSMQ performance so they can plan for hardware requirements as their systems grow. I’ve tried to think what sort of data would be useful and have come up with the following short list: Message type (Express vs Recoverable vs Transactional Transaction scope (Single- vs Multi-message transaction; Internal vs External…


When is a Hotmail account, not a Hotmail account?

I’ve been given a new machine at work (Dell Optiplex 960) to replace the old one (Dell Precision 450) so I’ve started setting up Outlook to host my various email accounts. This hasn’t gone smoothly and what’s caught me out is the difference between Hotmail.com and Hotmail.co.uk accounts. In Outlook 2007, you can add an…


Upgrading BizTalk 2006 to BizTalk 2009 – what editions are supported?

In the “Upgrading to BizTalk Server 2009 from BizTalk Server 2006” document there is a really useful table that explains exactly which edition of BizTalk 2006 (R1/R2) can be upgraded to which edition of BizTalk 2009. Not all combinations are possible or supported. Here’s the table from page 11 (with some added highlighting to assist…


MSMQ Book Competition Terms and Conditions.

ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to any person who is 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.  Employees of Microsoft or its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotion agencies are not eligible, nor are members of these employees’ families (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse and life partners). TO ENTER: No purchases…


MSMQ Prize Competition

I have here a brand new, untouched copy of “Pro MSMQ: Microsoft Message Queue Programming” from Apress. 400 pages of MSMQ programming goodness to help you with your queuing solutions. What I’m after in exchange is your best MSMQ solution to a problem, be it an effective architectural design, some unusual code, or even an…


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-040 – Vulnerability in Message Queuing Could Allow Elevation of Privilege

A new patch came out yesterday for MSMQ: MS09-040 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-040 – Important 971032 MS09-040: Vulnerability in Message Queuing could allow elevation of privilege If you are already on the latest service pack then you will be OK for Windows XP and Windows Vista; Windows Server 2008 (R1 and R2) and Windows 7 are also unaffected….


How to send MSMQ messages over 4MB in size – #2: Using file chunking in memory

I know the following KnowledgeBase article is over 10 years old but the principles still apply.  198686 How to send files larger than 4 MB by using Microsoft Message Queuing Open file Read first block of data into a memory buffer Put memory buffer contents into message Send message Read next block of data into a memory…


Is BizTalk supported on Windows Server 2008 << R2 >>

Support is only provided for platforms that have been tested successfully with the product. This testing will exclude operating systems that are in development/beta as there is no guarantee the results will be valid on the released version.  In the case of Biztalk Server 2009, the server operating systems tested were: Windows Server 2008 “R1” Windows 2003…


Why is ICMP lumped with File and Print Sharing?

I have some testing to do so I bring a pair of my trusty virtual machines on line. I’ve messed about with them a lot recently, such as pointing them at Windows Update for a few hours to receive a firehose of services packs and hotfixes, so the IP addresses need changing back (after I’ve…