Host Integration Server and Biztalk licensing explained

The newsgroups can be an excellent source of information, especially when someone replying to a question goes far beyond where they could have finished. Take the following question posted today on microsoft.public.hiserver.general: Dave wrote: “I am just returning to the HIS world after being out of it for 5 or so years. It seems over that…


Changing the size of the MSMQLOG.BIN logging file in MSMQ

As you may know, MSMQ has internal error logging enabled by default and outputs to a file called MSMQLOG.BIN in the %windir%\debug directory. The file, as the extension hints at, is in a binary format (unlike MSMQ 2.0) and so cannot be read by simply opening it in Notepad. Instead the file has to be sent to Microsoft…


MSMQ Management Pack: Subscript Out of Range

A post today on [ Teknoglot ] reports that the MSMQ Management Pack may return “Subscript Out of Range” when trying to discover public queues on servers that don’t have any. I’ll see if I can repro this and raise a bug with the product group.


MSMQ 3.0 Management Pack updated

Browsing the Internet, I found the [ Teknoglot ] blog which mentions that the MSMQ 3.0 Management Pack has been updated. No details in the guide with the update as to what has been changed but probably worth downloading the latest build (24 April 2009, v6.0.6587.0).


Error 0x42c when you try to install MSMQ

When you try to install MSMQ, you may encounter this sort of error message: Error Code: 0x42C Error Description: The dependency service or group failed to start. On the face of it, this should just be a case of checking the usual suspects that the MSMQ service is defined as depending on in the service…


Watching MSMQ from the TweetDeck

I know the web page isn’t too bad but I’ve now downloaded TweetDeck so I don’t need to have multiple IE windows open. The default grey/black/white colour scheme looks stylish so I don’t think I’ll touch that. Pride of place is the Search: MSMQ pane where I can watch what the world is Tweeting about…


What’s this I’m hearing about Windows Azure Queues?

It used to be so simple years ago. If you were a Microsoft ‘shop’ then you used MSMQ and, if not, you ran IBM’s MQSeries. Now everyone and their dog seems to have a messaging product, especially out in the “Cloud”. Who would have thought Amazon – purveyor of books and CDs to the world -…


"Can I write a script to create a queue in MSMQ and set the permissions on it?"

The first part is easy enough but the second is tricky. For example, here’s how to create a public queue with ‘Old School’ VBScript: set iq=CreateObject(“MSMQ.MSMQQueueInfo”) iq.PathName=”machine\queue” iq.Label=”The queue” iq.Create (IsTransactional=0)   There’s no way to add permissions to this queue at the same time as the COM/scripting API doesn’t have that functionality. System.Messaging (.Net)…


MSMQ and the Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2008 R2

Interesting post on the Motley Queüe blog from April about the new Active Directory Recycle Bin feature introduced in Windows 2008 R2. Discusses what you can (or cannot) do when you have lost Active Directory objects, such as MSMQ Public Queues, either through accidental deletion or uninstallation. Remember that MSMQ’s objects in AD have unique GUIDs…


Service Pack 2 released for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Yes, I know it’s a bit late but I didn’t realise it had been Released To Web until Windows Update prompted me to install it today. From The Windows Blog: “Consumers with Windows Vista SP1 can visit the Microsoft Download Center or use Windows Update (WU) to install SP2, but my suggestion is to turn…