Rule #1 for setting up the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge

Every few months (or longer) I need to set up a test MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge environment.

And every time I forget the cardinal rule.

"Remember that IBM MQSeries is Case-Sensitive".

Yet again, last night, I had to go through the various management screens to correct all the references to the queue manager and modify the name until finally all the pipes went green.


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  1. HisInfo says:

    I cannot see MSMQ-MQBridge related perfmon counters on perfmon windows.

    Even i could not create new CN, it is giving me erroe as "No applicable CN is defined"

    could you please elaborate the complete steps to configure Active Directory and MSMS-MQBridge to get the counters on perfmon.

    Please help me.

  2. HisInfo says:

    I need to do achieve above task on Windows 2003 SP 2

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi HisInfo,

    You seem to be discussing two issues – creating a CN and using performance monitor counters.

    There is some good step-by-step documentation on MSDN for setting up the Bridge.

    Installing and Configuring MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge

    Have you worked through this and achieved a working Bridge which you can send messages through (even if the counters don’t appear)?

    If you have a working Bridge then you may have corrupt counters on the system. Have a look in the application event log for any Perflib 1008 errors.

    This blog post ( includes some generic troubleshooting which can be applied to the performance counters that come with any product, not just MSMQ.

    If you don’t have a working bridge then please work through the MSDN content.


    John Breakwell (MSFT)

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