Latest version (1.5) of the logging script for MSMQ 3.0

Microsoft PSS might ask you to change the logging level of MSMQ (in Windows XP, 2003) when helping you troubleshoot a support case.

The script for this is in the appendix of the MSMQ FAQ but sometimes copy/pasting the lines to a text file generates formatting errors that stop it working.

So I've attached it to this post to make it more easily available (and I get to test posting attachments too).

Note - The binary MSMQLOG.BIN files that are generated by MSMQ cannot be formatted to readable text without the assistance of a Microsoft support engineer. Even then you won't necessarily be able to see the output as the logging information can contain insights into the inner workings of the MSMQ services so the engineer may not be at liberty to share it with you.

Sub Note to Note - Support engineers don't make the rules  🙂



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