RAID explained :-)

Saw this and thought it may come in handy for anyone trying to explain RAID and fault tolerance to their colleagues. 

RAID explained

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  1. SBC says:


    I have a RAID1 deployment in two of my servers and was thinking about upgrading to RAID5 – I can use your pics for my sys admin.

  2. id10t says:

    Nice graphic! Now I can stop using my excuse generator to explain unreportable, asynchronous checksum override issues.

  3. HiltonT says:

    Any chance you’ll give credit for where you found this?  It has been available at for ages now.

    I always feel dirty when seeing someone say "I saw this…" and then fail to link back to or at least give credit to the site that they took the information from.

    Fair’s fair.



  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Hilton,

    The image reached me by email and I did try to find a site to credit to. After a few dead ends – try searching Google for water+cooler+raid – I gave up.

    I’m surprised that such a funny and popular image has so few links back to



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