Look after the MsmqServices object – MSMQ will thank you.

There is a new KB article that explains an old problem:

936500 You may receive error code 0xc00e050f when you try to install Message Queuing on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller

When you try to install MSMQ on a Windows 2003 DC (although I don't think that it being a DC is important) you might get an error code 0xc00e050f and a complaint that the MsmqServices object cannot be found in Active Directory.

All the Message Queuing objects are documented on Technet and the entry for MsmqServices says:

An MsmqServices object is created when the first domain controller of your forest is configured. There can be only one MsmqServices object in a forest. The MsmqServices object is of the MSMQ-Enterprise class type. The MsmqServices object contains organization-wide configuration information for Message Queuing.

This object is key to MSMQ working in Active Directory Integration mode and if it is deleted - it is amazing what AD admins decide are redundant objects - then you will need to recreate it before MSMQ can work properly again. The steps are in the KB - you will need to install the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools to get hold of the Active Directory Service Interfaces Edit Microsoft Management Console (or ADSIEDIT for short).

The Windows Server 2003 Support Tools can be downloaded from here if you don't have the CD handy.

All this assumes you actually need to run MSMQ AD-Integration mode and not Workgroup mode - the MsmqServices object may be missing for a reason.

If the MsmqServices object does exist then check the following:

  1. Confirm "Authenticated Users" have Read access to the Sites container in AD. MSMQ Setup uses the computer account (MachineName$) to search for and create objects in AD.

  2. Go through the Help on Windows 2003 as there is some documentation on the Permissions needed when installing MSMQ.
    Message Queuing > Concepts > Administering Message Queuing > Planning, Installing, and Upgrading Message Queuing > Installing Message Queuing > Installation Permissions 

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