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I read with interest the InfoWorld article entitled Windows Phone 7: Don't bother with this disaster.  I was surprised at the level of vitriol contained in the article.  The anger that comes across in Mr. Gruman’s missive belies the notion that he might be writing something can be considered a reasonable critique.  I guess what I found most telling about the article is that Mr. Gruman was not able to find one single positive thing to say about the phone.  This runs counter to everything that I have seen with my own eyes.  I only have a  small amount of anecdotal evidence at my disposal, but what I do have indicates to me that Mr. Gruman’s opinion is (and will be) in the vast minority.  People who have the phone love it, people who see the Metro UI  think it’s cool and user friendly and people who develop for the phone are thrilled with the quality of the experience.  I guess there’s not a lot you can do in these situations other than point out the universal truth …


… or put another way …


Now I don’t know what Mr. Gruman’s particular bias is, but he clearly has one.  So let’s look at some of the hate and why I think it’s wrong.

Bit-o-Hate #1: No caveats now: Windows Phone 7 is a waste of time and money. It's a platform that no carrier, device maker, developer, or user should bother with. Microsoft should kill it before it ships and admit that it's out of the mobile game for good. It is supposed to ship around Christmas 2010, but anyone who gets one will prefer a lump of coal. I really mean that.

Here’s a potential caveat that he fails to point out: Windows Mobile 6.5 sold a lot of units.  I know that’s not popular to say and it’s not cool, but it did.  According to comScore, as of January 2010, Microsoft has 15% of the market.  That’s a lot of phones.  That makes Bit-o-Hate #1 simply FUD – carriers, device makers and developers are all going to make lots of money on Windows Phone 7.  It is a smart business decision to support the platform.

Bit-o-Hate #2: And it's not just the UI: Under the hood, Windows Phone 7 rests on creakingly old technology that the main competitors have all moved past.

This is a bizarre statement.  I guess that’s why he just leaves it hanging by itself with no justification or evidence behind it.  The truth is that Windows Phone 7 will be on advanced hardware (ARMv7 for example).  It will also have the best, modern runtime (Silverlight) and development environment (Visual Studio .NET).  It’s all modern:  Every Windows Phone 7 is a Zune, every Windows Phone 7 has Xbox Live integration, Office integration, native out-of-the-box H.264 support and more.  If he’s talking about the kernel, he’s going to have to come up with a better argument as to what is missing.  But, I guess that’s why he just makes the statement and let’s it go without backing it up.

Bit-o-Hate #3: The developers at Mobile Beat quickly recognized the labor-intensity of this UI method and one asked the Microsoft rep if anyone had bothered to test it with users. The answer was essentially "no" -- a scary thought indeed.

Argument from authority fallacy here.  Some nebulous group of developers thinks it’s too labor intensive.  But, the truth here is that everything is designed around glanceability and quick access to information.  Furthermore, and I can’t say much here, but I can tell you from personal knowledge that the notion that the UI has not been tested with users is flat out wrong – more FUD.

Bit-o-Hate The Field

No HTML5 support:  HTML5 is great, but not complete yet.  The phone will support it when it needs to.  This is simply more FUD.  I wonder why he omits to mention that eventually the phone will support both Flash and Silverlight.  I guess that just does not fit into his narrative.

No Multitasking:  False.  The phone has multitasking.  There is limited access to multitasking to ensure a good user experience.  You will still have your Pandora.

No cut and paste:  Here I can only say that it will be very interesting to see what use cases come out that require cut-and-paste and if they are compelling.  Personally, I believe to have a full Office experience, you need cut and paste.  So, my guess (and I have no special knowledge here) is that we will see cut and paste soon.  But the level of integration that the phone does between search, calendar, maps and browser make use cases that require cut and paste to be reduced.

The bottom line is that there is a lot to like about Windows Phone 7 and this guy couldn’t find one thing.  Oh well.  Haters gonna hate.

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  1. Svart says:

    Nice composed response, completely agree with you so does Paul Thurrott windowsphonesecrets.com/…/dont-bother-with-this-blog-post-disaster

  2. DROID says:

    I am MSwindow OS, WM6 HD2 & XBOXfanboy. Honestly I am glad that I aint alone in the world. I don't think so Mr. Gruman is very bias about Wp7. I never met him nor read his article everyday. But He is right about Wp7 will be enter the market apocalypse. So I surprise that He and I have same thoughts on Wp7 will be HUGE failure without doubt..

    I was being blind MSFT has a skeleton in the closet for 15 years.,  Few weeks ago I was started to studying MSFT's previous history. I realized they have a dark, shameful secret in their past that they want to remain secret.  MSFT's history repeat itself that tell me Zune HD series were failure! Kin failed. MSN TV  was failed, on and on..   MSFT aborted WinMO if OS screwed up instead of fix WinMOS caused freeze and crash asap. they did kill winmo.. MSFT wanted to make Zune (aka Wp7) platform OS from scratch as instead of fix issues.

    They dictched Zune HD users,  WinMo users and Now KIn users. They are angry at MSFT,

    See that I quickly learn about MSFT's BAD HISTORY. but I am still research and resource about MSFT's history. Unfortunately,You can't change BAD PAST HISTORY IS STILL SAME HISTORY,  WP7 WILL BE COMPLETELY FAILURE in 12 MONTHS OR LESS.. I have many nasty words against MSFT.  but SOMEHOW when karma will come back & bite MSFT in @$$.

    Good luck!

  3. jpalioto says:

    @DRIOD Every company makes mistakes.  I agree with you that MS has made their fair share.  I have found with MS that when they do make mistakes, they handle it very well (Xbox 360 RROD for example).  I'm not sure why you think that Zune was a failure or why MS ditched Zune users.  I love my Zune HD and I think Zune Pass is one of the best values in the music right now.

    As it pertains to Kin, I like to see us as the scrappy mobile upstart — willing to try some things out, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

    I respect that you have issues and are willing to come here and post them, but I also respectfully disagree.

  4. DROID says:


    Yes I read many articles/blogs about Zune HD had been failure and never have gain 5% of market share. Zune, and Zune HD never beat iTouch.   So,  I  visited Zune Forum.net, and studied them,  they are complaint that MSFT left them out and broke their promise for apps makers. They joined themselves group for petition. You can find @ http://www.petitionspot.com/…/zunehd

    Yes My consoles got RODD two times. I tell you xbox 360 is old and dead soon, Onlive cloud gaming will be superior to xbox. they currently work on mobile phone/ tablet for cloud steaming games. I can play crysis via phone, itouch, ipad/ Linux slate..

    Why Steve laughed at Iphone and his insult said iphone is ridiculous. He said Iphone wont be success in mobile market?  Again why Steve told the world, ipad wont be sold very well? why msft bribed with iphone developers for games port for wp7? Can you prove me that wp7 has multi tasking apps, not multitasking browsers?

    Microsoft decided to abandon his teams, MSFT followed APPLE and GOOGLE's vision instead his own team's vision. Now Microsoft admits in public: Windows Phone 7 is 1.0, not 7.0, and will be ready in 5 years.  Windows Phone 7 is a complete unmitigated disaster. it's a long-term pattern that every single Microsoft mobile device fails. Microsoft is inept and incapable of delivering devices consumers want.

    Microsoft did see the Android, Bada, MeeGo coming. They didn't understand it and ignored it. Microsoft never understands new technologies or trends. Microsoft's past – the advance technology future to Linux and UNIX's victory! simply the flintstones meet the jetsons.

  5. Robert says:

    @DROID, I sure had trouble following you … as for apps, that's a bunch of nonsense. The tools are there for building Zune apps, it's just that XNA is a pain to write for, unlike Silverlight for WP7.

  6. Pawdog says:

    Well Droid, as a happy ZuneHD owner I have never seen any promises made by Microsoft regarding the product besides what it delivers. There are a lot of posters on forums that wanted the HD to be competition for the Ipod Touch. I have never seen Microsoft  claim this. My biggest disappointment is that Microsoft never advertised the best PMP available. WP7 has the potential to be great. Microsoft has the ability to see that the world knows about it.

    We shall see. We shall see.

  7. DROID says:

    @Robert, I dont know what are you talk about?

    @PawDog, Ha Ha I read articles of blogs, newpapers, and msft's own article.  Please dont twist the words to your fit. thank you very much!

    I would like to remind you guys, look at this-


    Kin is actual ZUNE, wp7 is actual ZUNE too. they are original from ZUNE platform OS.

    the real problem is the fact that MSFT isn't allowing 3rd party devs to develop apps for the zune hd as well as KIN . if that means "NO 3RD PARTY DEVS." there will be VERY few apps during holiday 2010, Wp7 will be REMAIN fail again..

    KIN, Vista, ME, Bob, Zune, CE never garnered more than 5precent of the market. I don't believe they will ever find Wp7 of true success in this mobile market era.

  8. BucksterMcgee says:

    @Zune HD talk

    I've been on all those Zune HD forums and sites… ALL of them…. I have a Zune HD and I've been following Zune since before Zune was called Zune. With the Zune HD Microsoft NEVER promised 1000s of app or anything of the sort. In fact they went out of their way to not say anything about apps, and when they finally were pushed to talk about apps they explained it clearly, that they would slowly release apps from time to time, but not charge for them. All those people in the forums crying about no apps are ignorant fools, who themselves made up the idea that Microsoft promised 1000s of apps. I absolutely love my Zune HD for what it is, and that's why I got it, for a great music and media experience. Those who got their Zune HDs for that reason are beyond pleased with their device. Those who read some ignorant blogger or simply made up the fact that Microsoft promised tons of apps are they only ones who felt left out. I'm actually surprised that Microsoft continues to post new apps for the Zune HD which they have been doing so on a regular basis. When it comes down to it, apps don't make the media part of the Zune HD any better, so thusly they are completely bonus, and honestly if they didn't exist, it wouldn't effect the media part of Zune HD which is the part that is pure butter, and is wonderful to see being pushed beyond Zune HD to WP7 and Xbox

  9. jpalioto says:

    @DROID I don't mind you expressing your opinion or even your anger if you're upset.  But, let's try and keep it positive, okay?

  10. arash says:

    Look DROID, in order to make a successful product you may make some unsuccessful products on the way too, and the important thing is that if you can survive the process, microsoft defiantly will survive something like kin. Zune HD is an excellent product, microsoft just never pushed it that hard, do you know why? because they wanted the interface to remain fresh for wp7. i see zune hd as a test device, they just tested metro ui on the zune hd to see if its usable, and everyone who owns zune hd loves it.  you may be right about the kin, i don't see the kin part in the whole story but if it had a good monthly plan it would be successful, hell its the first phone from the future, when everything is in the cloud. and because of nature of phone market pressure on the kin was high. and it crushed under the pressure.

  11. DROID Confused says:

    How did this conversation in the blog go from success or failure of the WP7 to whether Microsoft made bad decisions on a couple of products?  Or is it that you expect something from products, ZuneHD, that were never promised or even hinted at?  I will agree with you that their business model on the Zune was a little Apple like.

    Please, what does the RRoD on an XBOX have to do with anything?  If you are trying to say that MS didn't take care of people you are flat wrong.  Replaced under warranty that was later extended sounds like they cared about their customers.  Apple doesn't have a platform to compare that to, but I guarantee Sony wouldn't do that based on their less than consistent PS3 platform.

    As for whether MS is wrong for having a bad product or two, shall we point out Apple products like the Newton?  How about the Newton 2?  How about the Apple EWorld?  As for phones, how about their Motorola ROKR partnership?  I know, that Apple Lisa was awesome!  And only $10,000!

    Do I have an XBOX?  Nope, PS3 and Wii.  iPhone?  Nope.  WinMobile?  Nope.  MotoDROID.  Am I excited about WP7?  Yes.  Why? Because it is finally different and my mind is open to new things.  I'm waiting for someone to do that with tablets so they'll finally be useful instead of a waste of money.

  12. Droid is wrong [ed] says:

    Droid sounds like a troll.

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