Good Azure sites …

Check out AzureScope.  It’s got some good best practices, benchmarks and some small code samples for developing on Azure.  Also check out patterns & practices Windows Azure Guidance site and the WAAG - Part 1 - Release Candidate.

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  1. dummypen says:

    can you share some sample  websites that user Azure platform

    What do I get out of the box from azure framework? so I know what need to be developed

  2. jpalioto says:


    Sure!  Here are some good Azure samples …

    Also, check out this list of samples ……/more-azure-samples

    The Azure Development Kit has some documentation and samples too ……/details.aspx

    By "out of the box", I assume you mean when you install the Azure SDK ……/details.aspx

    which gives you the development tools and the developer fabric for testing locally.  Otherwise, not much else is in the box, it's all in the cloud! 🙂

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