Passion for Technology

It’s important in life to have a passion for what you do.  Passion for your craft forms a guiding framework for the ability to judge success.  I have a passion for technology.  That passion for technology manifests itself in many ways.  One manifestation is a love to tinker.  I used to have a boss that we called “the Master Tinker.”  No matter the problem or issue we were facing when it came to technology, he could tinker around with things and come up with a solution.  Since working with him and seeing the value, I have tried to become a Master Tinker.  I tinker with things.  I play a lot of skittles with technology.  (Skittles is a chess term.  It means a pick-up game or a game just for fun.)  I will present those skittles games here from time to time to divulge to you part of my learning process.  My hope is that you find them useful.

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