I’m a new employee at Microsoft.  I live in Northern California with my wife, my two kids and my three dogs.  I am a software architect.  I take that craft seriously.  I play with my kids for fun, but I also play chess, poker and games of all kinds including video (having recently beaten Mass Effect 2 four times).  I love dogs and have an amateur interest in dog training.  In terms of technology, I’ve always been a fan of the Microsoft platform.  In the days before .NET, I worked on COM in ATL and C++.  I’ve been studying machine learning a lot in recent years, but I’m studying platform as a service and cloud computing these days.

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  1. Doug Holland says:

    Hey John,

    Its great to see you’re now blogging on MSDN too although I see I have some good competition on the team in terms of bloggers!!!

    – Doug

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