Pack Installer V1.0

Our team recently released V1.0 of our Power Toys Pack Installer tool which allows you to easily select a tool or set of tools for download and installation. The V1.0 release includes the functional spec and the test plan for the project. The new features include a revised UI, revised searching and filtering feature as well as support for VSI content installations. There are no VSI packages in the current feed file but, when they do appear, they will install seamlessly.

When VSI packages install, they do not place any information in the registry. Unfortunately, that means that the Pack Installer can neither detect that VSI packages are installed nor remove them. However, if you do try to install a VSI package a second time, you will see a dialog box which tells you that the file(s) you are downloading already exists and asks how you want to handle the conflict.

We are currently working on getting the Pack Installer deployed on MSDN and to change the XML file which lists the tools into an RSS feed. Those changes should be released soon. We also plan a 1.1 release after some pending issues get debugged and some requested features are added.

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