Comparing checked out files with other Team Foundation Server versions

Have you ever applied another team member’s TFS shelveset and later wanted to compare one of the changed files to another version? Have you ever wanted to review exactly what you changed in a file you modified? Since each file in a shelveset will also be checked out, the process is the same for either…


Code reviews before applying a Team Foundation Server shelveset

When our team started using the TFS code repository features, we began using shelvesets to bundle changed files together for code reviews. Other team members can retrieve your shelvesets and apply the changes. The problem was that we often wanted to see what had changed in the source files rather than re-reviewing the entire file….


Forthcoming new editor for MSDN forums posts

Have you ever posted on any of the MSDN forums? Did you think the editor was adequate? If not, I have some good news for you. Our team was recently asked to write an improved rich text editor for MSDN forums posts. It will support IE and Firefox browsers. We don’t know yet when it will…


Pack Installer V1.0

Our team recently released V1.0 of our Power Toys Pack Installer tool which allows you to easily select a tool or set of tools for download and installation. The V1.0 release includes the functional spec and the test plan for the project. The new features include a revised UI, revised searching and filtering feature as…


Extracting string literals into resource files

The beta version of our Resource Refactoring Tool has been on CodePlex for a while now but we’re releasing the 1.0 version today. The Resource Refactoring Tool is used to convert string literals into references to entries in a string resource file. Using string resource files makes changing the text for frequently used literals easier…


Reviewing Managed Code

My MSDN article “Reviewing Managed Code” was published earlier this month. Last Friday, I learned that it will be translated into several other languages. When I find out which languages and when the translations will be published, I will add comments to this blog post.


Recommendations for corporate teams developing Community Based Open Source projects

  As I said in my earlier post, our corporate team develops tools that we want to turn into Community Based Open Source projects.  The projects are developed as closed source. Occasionally, the requirements were open and discussed with community members before development began.   When we decide a project is ready to be “opened”,…


What’s different about testing open source projects?

Anyone who has read my bio or knows me personally knows that open source is not a new thing for me. For about 25 years, I worked in the proprietary UNIX, FreeBSD, and Linux world. We were using open source software before it was called open source. If you’ve read Eric Raymond’s essay “A Brief…