So long and good luck!

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to finish that series I started a few weeks ago. Due to a restructuring and reorganization, my position at Microsoft has been eliminated. In plain English, I’ve been laid off and this was my last day at MSFT. My intent with the series was to describe the various…


Update to Testing WPF applications with the White UI Test framework

I received a question about the example in my blog on Testing WPF applications with the White UI Test framework. It seems that people are having problems running it. Unfortunately, White has changed since I posted that example. The WPFWindow class has been protected so you now have to use the Window class instead. Furthermore, I…


Stages of the software development cycle

I’ve been in the software business for a very long time. I’ve seen lots of good and bad practices in that time and would like to share some of my thoughts on them. Mostly, I will talk about practices that affect quality and schedule. To facilitate that discussion, I’ll start by defining the various stages…


What to do about NUnitForms exceptions?

I received a question through my blog that asked for help with an NUnitForms exception. I’m sorry to say that I no longer recommend NUnitForms as a test tool. I was using it 3 years ago but there has not been much activity in that community since then. I and some other developers joined the NUnitForms community…


How many items are there in a WPF ListBox?

I received a question through my blog. The question was about “a GroupBox which lists some errors. The count of these Errors(ListItems) vary. How can I count the no. of Rows in GroupBox?” Technically, a GroupBox contains only 1 item defined by its content but that’s not a useful answer!  Often the content of a GroupBox is…


Testing resources from the WPF team

Hey!If you are new to testing WPF applications or to testing in general, the WPF team has just released a new version of their quality guide. It has a lot of useful information and resource links related to testing in general and testing of GUI applications. You can either look at an online version or…


Testing WPF applications with the White UI Test framework

For the past few weeks, I have been test driving the White UI Test framework. It is an open source extension for the NUnit test framework. There are already blog tutorials on using the White UI Test framework with WinForms (see Ben Hall’s blog) so I focused on using it to test WPF applications. The…


Running WPF tests under NUnit

Our team recently began work on a new project and we’re using WPF. Since we want to make our projects accessible to people who are not using VS Test Suite, we use NUnit. The immediate problem we ran into was that NUnit could not run the tests. It threw a System.InvalidOperationException with an error message reading…


Comparing checked out files with other Team Foundation Server versions

Have you ever applied another team member’s TFS shelveset and later wanted to compare one of the changed files to another version? Have you ever wanted to review exactly what you changed in a file you modified? Since each file in a shelveset will also be checked out, the process is the same for either…


Code reviews before applying a Team Foundation Server shelveset

When our team started using the TFS code repository features, we began using shelvesets to bundle changed files together for code reviews. Other team members can retrieve your shelvesets and apply the changes. The problem was that we often wanted to see what had changed in the source files rather than re-reviewing the entire file….