How do developers want to be educated?

We are continuosly trying to improve our strategies when it comes to meeting developers, and helping them educate themselves as well as introducing them to new topics. I am however wondering, are we doing it right? In Sweden we are currently creating and delivering a couple of resourses: 1. MSDN Live – a roadshow with 200-300…


WSE SP2 Released

You should really check the new release of WSE, don’t let “Service Pack” fool you, it’s a great release. Download here:  


Security Update for Internet Explorer.

If you are running Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003, you’re in no need to worry, otherwise, please check out the following link for a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer and the iFrame issue recently announced.


Signing a SOAP message with certificates from a SmartCard.

Just published a short article on how to leverage CAPICOM and WSE to sign an outgoing message with a certificate stored on a smartcard. Please let me know what you think.


Sign a SOAP message with certificates stored on a SmartCard!

Technologies discussed and used:WSE 2.0CAPICOMVisual Studio.NET 2003.NET Framework 1.1Visual C# I’ve been developing with WSE for some time and the included quickstart samples are a great start for developers that wants to learn WSE and how to leverage the framework to sign and encrypt SOAP messages. There’s a couple of samples in the WSE installation…