Now a Certified .NET Architect.

I've attended the courses and managed to get my certification. I'm now a certified .NET Architect according to the excellent course and certification that 2xSundblad have created in Sweden. Congratulations to me 🙂

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  1. Wallym says:


  2. Uwe Keim says:

    Yes, congratulations to me …erm… YOU 😀

  3. Congratulations! And my I add, it’s not without envy =P

  4. Jeff Parker says:

    Whats a .net Architect?

    I am not finding anything on the MS site for this?

  5. The Swedish Microsoft-office have asked 2xSundblad (the Swedish Regional Directors of Microsoft) to implement and deliver a certification course based on the PAG-material as well as their own knowledge in the area.

    Very well accepted and recognized in Sweden!

  6. Dag König says:

    Welcome to the gang, Johan. When will you throw the party celebrating this? And am I invited?

  7. Congratulations Johan! Now, if I could only convince my boss that it is absolutly nessecaory for me to become a certified .net architect =/

  8. Jeff Parker says:

    Hmm I wonder why they do not make that a regular cert open to anyone.

  9. Andreas Håkansson says:


    Sure it is? If you can cough up 80000sek then you may attend 🙂

    Note: I’m to lazy at the moment to open up thier webpage to verify my statement so I will have to rely on my memory (plz dont fail, hehe)=P

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