Using SSL without an Internet connection

Problem If you have a web application that uses SSL and this application, for some reason, is hosted on an IIS that doesn’t have Internet access you will eventually find that any call to the server over SSL will take a lot of time to reply. It doesn’t matter if it’s ASP.NET, classic ASP or…


Make sure you have an Internet connection when using signed assemblies

A customer called in the other day and told me that his web application took a long time to start. My initial thought was (off course) that it was a matter of the classic slow-to start web services I’ve written about earlier. (What to do about the slow startup of web services) As I learned…


Investigating Locks

Consider the following scenario: You have an ASP.NET application which intermittently responds sluggishly. As the problem occurs memory usage is about average, as is CPU usage, but still certain pages respond slower and slower. The machine acts just as if it is under heavy load, but judging from the CPU it isn’t. In fact CPU…


Why doesn’t the GC kick in when the worker process is inactive?

I got the following question in my Getting started with windbg – post and I thought it might be worth posting the replies in a separate article: Hi Johan, about those threads with an ID of XXXX, should they go away after certain amount of idle time like 2 minutes? I am trouble shooting an…


What to do about the slow startup of web services

Due to the architecture of web services and web applications they can be quite slow to start. For example on my Windows 2003-box the initial localhost-call to a simple “Hello World!”-web service takes approximately 8 seconds, while the next request is more or less immediate. Why is this? This isn’t news, really. One of the…


Monitoring Application Pool and Application Restarts

This morning I found the following in my inbox: I had set my web servers running on IIS 6 to recycle if they hit 700 MB (Maximum used Memory).Can I run a report to know how many times per day or week the W3WP got recycled.Any suggestions please.Thanks in anticipation The quick answer to your…



Introduction This was originally intended to be a post on identifying and troubleshooting Exceptions using windbg. As I started writing I thought I should write a little something about exceptions in general, just to begin the post. That little something grew to be quite big and all of a sudden it was by all means…


The KB article every one should know about

Have you read If not, I suggest you do so. If you need convincing or simply want to know why this problem occurs I suggest you keep reading. The problem described in the article above can cause your application to spike in CPU time, Memory usage or both. This will lead to your application…


Common reasons why your application pool may unexpectedly recycle

If your application crashes, hangs and deadlocks it will cause/require the application pool to recycle in order to be resolved, but sometimes your application pool inexplicably recycles for no obvious reason. This is usually a configuration issue or due to the fact that you’re performing file system operations in the application directory. For the sake of elimination…


Finalizers and weak references

What do finalizers and weak references have in common? Well more than you might think actually.   Finalizers Finalizers are clean-up code that will be run at the end of an objects life-cycle. You should only release native resources in the finalizer. When you use your object you should not the finalizer cleaning up after you….