Creating a game for the Zune

I’ve finally had the time to sit down and create a simple game for my Zune. Rather than running off and creating a complex game requiring a lot of AI, etc I wanted to create a simple application so that I could focus on the XNA-specifics. I decided to make a Code Breaker game, also…


Internet Explorer 8 Released today

Today we release Internet Explorer 8. You’ll be able to download it later today from / Johan


Glimpsing 10 years into the future

Stephen Elop, the president of Microsoft’s Business Division recently held a presentation where he allowed the viewers to glimpse 10 years into the future. It’s amazing to look at a "real" interpretation of the future interfaces and technologies rather than the standard hollywood stuff. – You know the holographic projections that for some strange reason…

Running a scheduled PowerShell script on a pre-Vista OS

It’s been fun to see the reception that PowerShell has gotten. People are using it for tons of different stuff and the ingenuity in some of the scenarios is quite impressive. There is one thing, however, that you should be aware of. PowerShell is not an ideal candidate for execution through the Task Scheduler. Problem…