What to do about the slow startup of web services

Due to the architecture of web services and web applications they can be quite slow to start. For example on my Windows 2003-box the initial localhost-call to a simple “Hello World!”-web service takes approximately 8 seconds, while the next request is more or less immediate. Why is this? This isn’t news, really. One of the…


Did you know Windows 9 will be voice controlled only?

Yesterday an early Alpha of Windows 9 was released on the corporate network and I couldn’t resist installing it. I started up the installation, which went very smoothly by the way, filled in the necessary details, clicked “Finish” and left it running overnight. When I arrived this morning a friendly Power Shell-window was greeting me…


Using IE6 With Visual Studio 2008

Here’s a little scenario I came across the other day. I’ve forwarded the information to development, so it’s pending further investigation. I still thought it would be a good idea to publish the scenario though. Visual Studio 2008 + FTP = Possible trouble It seems like there might be a bug in Visual Studio 2008 when it…


Walkthrough – Troubleshooting a native memory leak

Problem: A customer called in. They had a Web Service running on a single IIS6. Memory usage would slowly increase and not be released. As a workaround they’d currently set the application pool to recycle at 500 MB, causing a few failed requests upon each restart. I thought I’d describe how I went about troubleshooting…


Games on the Zune

I was really excited to hear that XNA 3.0 will support game development for the Zune. I’ve always been interested in XNA and have secretly dreamed of writing my own Xbox 360 game ever since the alpha. Sadly I just don’t seem to find the spare time. Key features As I looked at the info…


Monitoring Application Pool and Application Restarts

This morning I found the following in my inbox: I had set my web servers running on IIS 6 to recycle if they hit 700 MB (Maximum used Memory).Can I run a report to know how many times per day or week the W3WP got recycled.Any suggestions please.Thanks in anticipation The quick answer to your…


Did you know? – Changing ASP.NET Version restarts IIS

Here’s a little something I learned the other day. If you go to the ASP.NET tab and change the ASP.NET version for an application pool this will not only reset the application pool, but the entire IIS. I was a bit surprised at first, but investigating the matter showed that there was a pretty solid architectural…


Tess’ Debugging Lab

My colleague Tess Ferrandez just posted this excellent lab that provides you with a sample application hang. If you want to practice your skills in a controlled environment, then this is definitively a must. / Johan


Debugging School

As you may or may not have noticed I’ve started organizing all posts I’ve made regarding debugging training in a separate list on the left hand side of the page. If you’re new to debugging and don’t know where to begin, then at least you know where I’d recommend you to start. I hope you’ll…


Using WinDbg – Hunting Exceptions

Prerequisites This post will require some basic knowledge of windbg and the sos extension. For this I recommend looking at the following posts: Getting started with WinDbg – Part I Getting started with WinDbg – Part II For more information on Exceptions in general and why they should be avoided I’d like to recommend this post:…