PowerShell – Managing Feature Delegation in IIS7

Perhaps you’ve read my earlier post on advanced feature delegation using PowerShell and the IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider. This could actually be called Part II. The previous post was based on a quick question from a premier customer. He is a never-ending source of intriguing questions and I always enjoy his "just one thing"-type of…


Office Automation

A very common scenario that keeps sprouting new heads like a hydra is Office Automation. Let me start by saying that this is not supported. There is a KB-article number 257757 discusses this, and clearly states the following: Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended,…


PowerShell – Advanced configuration editing in IIS7

I’ve written a lot of PowerShell posts lately and here’s another one. 🙂 I got a question from one of the account managers if it was possible to alter the FTP Authorization Rules for a specific folder on his IIS. The appcmd for the operation was appcmd.exe set config "FTPFolder" -section:system.ftpServer/security/authorization /+"[accessType=’Allow’,users=’*’,roles=’*’,permissions=’Read, Write’]" /commit:apphost He…


PowerShell – Editing permissions on a file or folder

I got the following question from a reader the other day: I’ve been trying to figure out how to change permissions on a folder in PowerShell. I’ve looked at the Get-Acl and Set-Acl, but I can only use them to copy the settings from a pre-existing object. How do I manually configure permissions? This is…


PowerShell – Automatically organizing your mp3-collection

Is your mp3-collection perfectly sorted? I know mine wasn’t. I thought I’d address that while creating a pretty good demo-script to show some basic filtering, script structures, etc. Since I also wanted the script to extract the metadata from every file in my collection I had to use the Shell.Application Com-object as well. All in…


PowerShell – An introduction, Part II

This is a continuation of part I. If you haven’t read it I suggest at least going through the summary at the end of the post. Working with Drives In your basic command prompt you have the normal file system drives that you use to access your hard-drive, floppy, DVD, USB-stick, network shares etc. PowerShell…


Back in business

Okay, after a summer break that no doubt got a little longer than expected I am now I’m now back in the saddle again. Next post will most likely be a follow-up on the PowerShell post I wrote a while back. Stay tuned. / Johan


The first thing you should do after setting up an IIS7-server

As you’re probably well aware IIS7 relies heavily on a master configuration file named ApplicationHost.config. Now, instead of using a history file like IIS6 did, IIS7 will check this file every 2 minutes to see if it’s changed. If the file has been updated, then a backup copy of the old .config will be stored…


PowerShell – An introduction, Part I

Over the past months I’ve been holding a couple of workshops on PowerShell. It’s quite an interesting topic, but not something I originally thought would be suitable for this blog and its web-development theme. Still, having given this a bit more thought I decided that there are so many useful features and cmdlets that could…


Why doesn’t the GC kick in when the worker process is inactive?

I got the following question in my Getting started with windbg – post and I thought it might be worth posting the replies in a separate article: Hi Johan, about those threads with an ID of XXXX, should they go away after certain amount of idle time like 2 minutes? I am trouble shooting an…