Changing file dates and other more uncommon properties in PowerShell

There are some file properties that aren’t too easy to change. Neither in the command line or in Windows Explorer. One that I’ve wanted to change personally quite often is the created and changed dates of a specific file, or a batch of files. Background I frequently use my Windows Phone (currently a Nokia Lumia…



Today I found the following e-mail in my inbox: Hello According to this article, written by you, you write that there are three “ever-present exceptions”, I can see why they have to be on the heap, but why is 790ff624 3 36 System.Text.DecoderExceptionFallback 790ff5d8 3 36 System.Text.EncoderExceptionFallback Also always there? I always see them…


Changing Site Settings through code in SharePoint 2010

It’s been quite a while since I had the time to post. A customer dropped me this question today and I thought it’d be interesting to share. He wanted to change the “Allow rules to specify another site as a target location”-setting (seen below) through code and needed to know if this could be done….


Problems running sos-commands

Yesterday I tried opening up a standard dump file from a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server. It opened up just fine in windbg, but when I tried executing a command I got the following: 0:000> !dumpheap -stat The garbage collector data structures are not in a valid state for traversal. It is either in the “plan…


Updating the Smart tag panel of a WebControl requires closing and reopening the panel

The problem I came across the following scenario a while back: A customer was creating a custom WebControl in the Visual Web Designer. The control had a smart tag panel with an option that they wanted to behave like a radio button. I.e. The text says “Enabled”, you click it and it changes to “Disabled”….


Using SSL without an Internet connection

Problem If you have a web application that uses SSL and this application, for some reason, is hosted on an IIS that doesn’t have Internet access you will eventually find that any call to the server over SSL will take a lot of time to reply. It doesn’t matter if it’s ASP.NET, classic ASP or…


Make sure you have an Internet connection when using signed assemblies

A customer called in the other day and told me that his web application took a long time to start. My initial thought was (off course) that it was a matter of the classic slow-to start web services I’ve written about earlier. (What to do about the slow startup of web services) As I learned…


Investigating Locks

Consider the following scenario: You have an ASP.NET application which intermittently responds sluggishly. As the problem occurs memory usage is about average, as is CPU usage, but still certain pages respond slower and slower. The machine acts just as if it is under heavy load, but judging from the CPU it isn’t. In fact CPU…


Problems with Flash-content in the WebBrowser control

A recent case I worked on involved the following scenario. Problem description The client was building a kiosk-like application. I.e. a WinForms application with the WebBrowser control slapped onto it. The application worked fine for the most part, but they’d found that when viewing video via facebook they were only able to view the video…


Adding Server ROles to an IIS installation on an RODC

In a recent case I was involved with I stumbled upon something quite interesting. The customer had set up a brand new Windows 2008 Server running IIS, and made it into a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC). Having done this they now wanted to add the FTP-server Role to the existing IIS installation and found…