Fixing Word 2007 Crash on Exit & Broken Mouse Support!

I love Office 2007, but recently I’ve had big problems with Word. 1.) I can’t select text….. It seems this is a common problem with a number of add-ins. In this case it was the Word plug-in for Snag-It 8 from TechSmith – when I uninstalled it, mouse support came back. Note that this is…


Hire Andrew !

Do you know this guy ? Hire him. His name is Andrew Stopford. I met him years ago after reading a book he wrote. And we’ve stayed in touch. He’s been to Redmond for some of the "private" events we’ve had. Anyway, changes at his company (outsourcing or something) have made him AVAILABLE. He’s in…


Contribute and Win stuff at DotNetSlackers

Have a chance to win stuff like this just by posting at DotNetSlackers.   Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET – Worth 799US$ XBox 360 Elite – Worth 449US$ Second Prize The second prize winner will receive a redgate ANTS Profiler Pro license and a book of "The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks"…


Assembly for .NET Programmers

For us old timers that miss ASM, now we can code assembly for .NET. Check it out here.


Open Source does NOT exclude Windows ! has publoished an article / slide show: 10 Things You Should Know About Open Source. Especially check out slide 5 and 7 !!!!


Maturing .NET Code Base

I saw my first preview of .NET in 1999 and that means to me that the code base of the .NET development community includes code that is approaching a decade old (not considering code that was pulled forward from pre .NET code.) In the post DOT COM era where fiscal responsibility continues to increase and…


Why are the How-Do-I Videos in Visual Basic ?

I get asked this question ALLOT ! Actually, the question usually comes wrapped in explicatives, or phrased less as a question and more as a command. We actually do the recordings in VB for a few reasons. 1.) There are more VB programmers than C# developers (though the gap is narrowing.) If we did them all…


I’m asked: "Can you separate M$ lip service from fact for us? "

I’ve received a great number of emails in response to my “Scoble Gap” post.   The first that has prompted me to white included this question.   “Can you separate M$ lip service from fact for us?  That has to be the toughest part of your future.”   By this I assume the poster is…


Why would anyone Scrum?

I just read “The Enterprise and Scrum” by Ken Schwaber and I’m left with a single burning question. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO IT ? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about starting a new company or product unit and basing that new entity on Scrum practices. To the contrary, if I were starting a…


You gotta give Miguel de Icaza credit.

As a Microsoft shareholder I’ve been opposed to Mono. Not as technology, but as theft of Microsoft’s Technology. [Personal opinion, not a statement of Microsoft’s Position.] Now, before the attack start – just Google Me. I’m as active in Open Source Developer Technologies as I am in Closed Source. For developers who seek to actively…