Why would you want to write your own WYSIWYG editor?

I recently had an email exchange with someone asking me about how to approach writing their own WYSIWYG editor control for web applications. Perhaps an interesting academic exorcize, or maybe he has some very specific application  but it got me thinking about how many implementations there are out there already ! While searching I found…


Tool to convert your C# to VB and your VB to C#

Some time ago, my buddy Jesse posted about his new favorite utility. As a matter of policy, we record How-Do-I videos while doing the programming in VB and than I have to re-write the sample code in C#. So, automatic code conversion was really interesting to me. So – I got the VB to C#…


Ajax Data Controls from DotNetSlackers

This looked interesting so I thought I would share it. Please let me know what you think….. From the CodePlex Description. The Ajax Data Controls is a DotNetSlackers project. Developed on top of Asp.net Ajax Extension, the main goal of this project is to provide rich set of data controls for Client Centric Development Model….


Graffiti CMS First Impressions.

I love CMS applications! I’ve played with more than a hundred free and commercial CMSs written in VB, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, you name it ! It’s taken me a while to put Graffiti through it’s paces, but I did so last weekend. Here is a quick list of my first impressions. PROS Install…


Telligent (Rob Howard & Team) Releases Graffiti CMS

Microsoft and Telligent go way back. Rob Howard (the owner of Telligent) wrote the original ASP.NET forums code way back wen he worked at Microsoft with Scott Guthrie.  Telligent makes Community Server, and all of my Team’s web properties (www.asp.net, www.iis.net, www.windowsclient.net, www.silverlight.net) are built on top of Community Server code base. Telligent just released…


SplendidCRM 2.0 Free, Open Source, CRM

The collection of free, and commercial open source applications built with ASP.NET continues to grow. SplendidCRM just released new version. You can modify it using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 and they have downloads with Visual Studio Express projects too !! Click HERE to check it out.


Want a free ASP.NET based CRM ?

SplendidCRM was written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Overview SplendidCRM supports the following features: Account Relationships Contact Management Case Management Project Management Lead Tracking Bug Tracking Activities and Tasks Employee Directory There is a free ASP.NET Open Source Version and a "Pro" version for ISVs, etc. Check…