TechEd 2008 – My presentations, come say hello !

WUX315 – PHP on Windows: Not an Oxymoron! Session Day/Time: 6/6/2008 10:15AM-11:30AM Room: S230 A Is it a well kept secret? From Microsoft Internet Information Services, to AJAX, to Microsoft .NET, Windows is a viable platform for your existing PHP based applications. In this session, see how to configure PHP on Windows for performance and…


SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP Community Technology Preview

    Microsoft announces the CTP release of SQL Server 2005 Drivers for PHP This opens up some very cool possibility for heterogeneous environment developers. My first project ? A PHP Class library to integrate with ASP.NET’s Membership & Profile System. Click HERE to get the SQL Driver CTP Click HERE to get the FREE…


You gotta give Miguel de Icaza credit.

As a Microsoft shareholder I’ve been opposed to Mono. Not as technology, but as theft of Microsoft’s Technology. [Personal opinion, not a statement of Microsoft’s Position.] Now, before the attack start – just Google Me. I’m as active in Open Source Developer Technologies as I am in Closed Source. For developers who seek to actively…


PHP Tek Session Materials

PHP Tek in Chicago was a blast (except for getting there!) The folks from PHP Architect allays put on a great show and of all the conference that I do, theirs are at the top of my list. Because I’ve had so many requests – here are links to my PowerPoint Decks for my Keynote…


Great set of tips for installing Linux in Virtual PC

Several Distro Specific Links Here: Red Hat EL Here: Linux System Clock Issue in VPC:


PHP Quebec – My PowerPoint

PHP Quebec was a blast, apart from having 3 flights canceled due to fog trying to get there, and having to rent a car and drive home due to the snow. The bad news was that the drive took about 16 hours. The good news was that it only snowed for the first 11  ;…


PHP Security Woes

I do alot of PHP programming and like working with apps like Joomla and XOOPS, etc…. I have wondered if PHP would suffer the scrutiny that ASP did a while back. This dialog on Slash Dot is interesting…… “PHP security holes have a name — quite often it was Stefan Esser who found and reported…


Article Rebuttal on ASP.NET versus PHP

The ubiquitous power of the internet as a publishing platform and the concept of “freedom of speech” make for a very interesting combination.   Take this article for example.   Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with an actual, experienced multi platform expert making an argument as to the strengths…


PHP On Windows Webcast Materials.

Thanks again to the some odd 1500 developers that attended my PHP On WIndows Series this week. You can download the PowerPoints and Code – [Just Click Here]